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Discussion in 'Bare It!' started by kilted2000, May 19, 2004.

  1. kilted2000

    kilted2000 Member

    Does anyone have any experience with barefootedness in college classes? I'm looking for the atitudes of the school?
  2. ericf

    ericf Member

    Different schools have different attitudes.
  3. shaggie

    shaggie Senior Member

    Most college and university campuses don't care about bare feet. They are one of the few places you can go barefoot freely without being bothered. The atmosphere is usually very open to different cultures.
  4. honeyhannah

    honeyhannah herbuhslovuh

    Most colleges don't give a holy shit about how you look, what you wear, etc. as long as you're not breaking a law you can come to class however you want.
  5. angel_wings

    angel_wings Member

    i've been coming to college barefoot since monday and it seems to have been accepted ok. some people comment, but in a jokey way, saying stuff like "forget your shoes did you?" none of the staff have told me off anyway.

    this is a UK 6th form college im talking about BTW, for A-level students (16-18). we don't have a uniform though so i guess it doesn't really matter what i wear on my feet. i dunno about how a university would be but i guess they'd probably be the same.
  6. superNova

    superNova Member

    i go to a little private school in the south and they don't give a flip. no one's said anything and i didn't wear shoes from the time the weather hit around 70 degrees until i finished up the semester :)

    colleges generally are more accepting i reckon.

    hehe i said reckon.
  7. Chicken Girl

    Chicken Girl Member

    My professors don't care. If anything they're amused.
  8. When I attend college next year.. the more generally care-free attitude is going to be something I like quite a bit!
  9. Alltaken

    Alltaken Member

    well my old uniform school would have hated it.

    but at university we can pretty much sleep in the classrooms at nigh if we want so hey they don't care.

  10. About 15 years ago, I went to a medium size university in the midwest. One summer session, we had co-ed dorms, guys on second floor, women on third, and Masters/married/older on fourth floor. I noticed a girl the first day of class barefoot and found out she (Lori) was living in the same dorm as me. I struck up a conversation after class and discovered that she planned to go barefoot all summer, she only packed an old pair of tennis shoes. I thought Wow!!! That night. about 9pm she knocked on my door and suggested that I get over the fear of others seeing my bare feet and that she wanted to go walking... Over the next several days, we walked about a mile in the evenings barefoot. My feet were getting toughened up.

    On Friday evening before Memorial day, she arrived at 9pm and stated that I was going with here and shoes were not allowed. I though we were going to the local movie theater, but she informed me we were going to her home for the weekend. At her house, we barefooted all weekend, and returned on Tuesday. I wanted to wear shoes to class, but I decided not to. No one said a thing! A few nights later, one of the art professors passed us on a sidewalk, and she decided to walk barefoot with us. Later that summer, I would only wear shoes to go to the big grocery store (chain). One evening, we were going to go swimming in the college pool, and the lifeguard had told us we needed to wash our feet before swimming, so we left. It was around 10 pm and Lori bet me we could grocery shop barefoot and in our swimsuits. We went to the big store and the first male clerk we saw said we needed shoes and coverups. I stated the he should really look at Lori's bare feet because they were really pretty. He shut up. The store manager, a women, stated that we were welcomed anytime barefoot, as she had seen us around campus barefooting at night.

    The rest of the summer was fun, and several of the 4th floor adult students started going barefoot, too. I rained really hard one day in July, and we wound up swimming back to the dorm one late afternoon. The next morning, the lot across the street was a mud pit. Several of the 4th floor adults started mud football. Needless to say it was fun.

    The last week of summer session, we had revenge on the lifeguard. The campus police were students, and we found out no one was on duty one night. Eight couples went streaking from the dorm to the pool building (about 1 city block), and surprised the lifeguard (Cathy). We went skinny dipping and more, and we convinced the guard to strip off her swimsuit, too. She was curious about underwater sex.

    The next summer, Lori was gone, but Cathy was still there for summer session, and a lifeguard too. She started going barefoot with me, and as a perk, so to speak, I was permitted to skinny dip at night. We got caught one night by a security guard, who was used to seeing me barefooting all over campus. About an hour later he returned with his girl friend and from that night to the end of summer, the pool was always skinny dipping after 9pm.
    We wound up with a good group of about 12 couples that really liked skinny dipping together.

    It is also amazing what I learned about sex from the over age 30 students
  11. Sax_Machine

    Sax_Machine saxbend

    That's a great story!

    Universities don't have dress codes so they're not going to complain about you going barefoot there. I've been doing so in the summer, with no lectures left and the weather just warming up it was a good opportunity for me. Had one problem not being allowed into the union barefoot for one of the last nights of term, but apart from that I hardly wore shoes at all, the only exceptions being to go to interviews for next year's placement working in the audio industry, and playing in formal concerts.

    Had a BIG confrontation with my mum last night. Whole family went to see Troy in the new cinema down the road from my house. I couldn't see any need to put any shoes on. My mum made a huge fuss trying to force me, and then trying to BRIBE me to wear them. She has this idea in her head that it'd make me look like a weirdo or a loony. She also still can't understand how my feet can be hotter than other people's. She seems to think that all feet are the same. She also seems to think that buying me more comfortable shoes would solve the problem. I keep trying to remind her that the shoes I have are very comfortable. it's not the shoes that are the problem, it's what my feet do when they are in shoes.She also seems to think that sandals/flip-flops would solve the heat problem. Well first of all it's only the tops of the feet where the air circulates, and my soles and insides of my feet burn up, and so the soles of my feet still get hot and sweaty and smelly. She seems to think that the idea of flip-flops is they don't stay stuck to the feet while you walk. Well hang on a minute. First of all what's the point of shoes that hang loose? What purpose do they serve? They only slow you down in that case, how can you walk with shoes taht slip and slide all over the place? Secondly the straps, whatever sort they are will rub against my feet - that's actually less comfortable than wearing thick closed shoes as far as I'm concerned. And anyway, I'd be sitting down in the cinema, it's not as if I'd be moving around - which would mean my feet would get hot and sweaty and smell and I wouldn't be able to take off the flipflops then because it would be inconsiderate to everyone around me.

    My mum's just old-fashioned. She doesn't want people to think things when they see me. Of course I know that they're not going to care in most cases, and those that do care will forget about it within minutes. She's also worried about me bringing dirt into the house, but THAT I can sort out quite easily myself.

    It's still a pain in the arse having to be confronted by her over it.

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