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Discussion in 'Barefoot' started by barefootconservative, Oct 26, 2017.

  1. barefootconservative

    barefootconservative Summertime barefooter

    However, I haven't crossed paths lately.
  2. RT19

    RT19 Member

    Any more sightings of the mysterious barefoot girl? It’s always a pleasure meeting and seeing other barefooters especially in the depths of winter.
  3. barefootconservative

    barefootconservative Summertime barefooter

    Not yet, I've had so much other crap to do that I didn't have much chance to cross paths lately. Besides, when I talked to her, she said that she doesn't do it in the dead of winter, but goes almost into the extremes.
  4. goodearth

    goodearth Member

    So.......what’s she like? Did she like you? Did you like her?
  5. M_Ranko

    M_Ranko Member

    So you managed to establish a contact? (Good job BTW.) Did you talk about this in detail? Like, how far into the winter she goes, before the boots come out? Oct.? Nov.? Dec.? How cold does it have to get, before she quits? Inquiring minds want to know.
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  6. barefootconservative

    barefootconservative Summertime barefooter

    Again, I don't know. It was one conversation, then I went back a couple minutes later to ask their names (Adam and Teshua). We just talked about how people are so misinformed about going barefoot, that she goes barefoot until the snow comes or the temperatures get to where going barefoot is unreasonable.
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  7. goodearth

    goodearth Member

    Good job!

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