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Discussion in 'Barefoot' started by nakedfeetguy, May 5, 2007.

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    Today I went barefoot to the shopping centre and got a haircut.
    As I was sitting down in the chair the lady cutting my hair noticed I was barefoot and smiled and said my feet will get hairy if I don't wear shoes!
    I smiled, feeling a bit embarassed.
    I also went barefoot to a fast food outlet on the way home but noone really noticed I was barefoot, even though it was a food establishment they didn't seem to care that I didn't have any shoes on and had very dirty soles.
    Heres a photo of one of my soles after the day going barefoot.
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    Don't let people embarass you...did she mean that the hair from your haircut would make your feet hairy, or that you would grow hair on your feet from going barefoot? haha, silly.

    I've yet to work up the courage to go into a food establishment, that's awesome! Bravo.

    Lovely feet, babe!
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    Thanks for your reply, Knot dirty!
    Speaking of going shoeless in a food establishment I actually went barefoot in a coffee shop in a shopping centre as well ages ago.
    I walked in and said to the waitress that I am barefooted and can I still come in.
    They just smiled and said no worries.
    On that occassion it was a very hot day so they must have just thought I was barefoot because of the warm weather.
    It felt great to be barefoot in a coffee shop because it was a more formal environment.
    I find the best places to go barefoot are the shopping centre and around my local suburb. Shopping centres are fun because usually you are the only person barefoot!
    Tomorrow is back to work so my shoes have to go back on my feet unfortunately.
    Today was another totally barefoot day, just went to the local shops with my shoes off.
    Glad you liked the look of my feet, here are some more photos of my dirty soles.

    I wish I could stay barefoot!
  4. Lady Neko

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    yay! i am going to go barefoot to my poetry final on wed. i have to read one of my works to the class and i will do it with semi-naked feet. (i have tattoos on my feet) you have inspired me! ^_^ i once did go barefoot at my previous college to the dining hall area cause i was hungry and i was told to get out unless i put on shoes. i had been going barefoot there for a month and some noticed and just smiled. and then they told me to wear shoes. crazy. but thank you :daisy:

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