Barefoot and Hairy!

Discussion in 'Barefoot' started by ethereal, May 17, 2007.

  1. ethereal

    ethereal Member

    I've posted about this before, but I just have to express it again... I am flabberghasted to see what a big deal people make about going barefoot!
    I live in the far north of Australia, in the tropics, where it is never ever cold even when its freezing if u get my drift, and I suppose i just take it for granted that it is openly acceptable not to wear shoes. I also dont shave my leg or underarm hair, and havent for years. Many of my friends dont either! Its a very normal thing to see around where I live.
    I used to go to school barefoot, as did most of my classmates!
    I cant believe that in so many other parts of the world people are denied this simple freedom, or shunned because of it. It shouldnt have to be an alternative lifestyle, i cant understand why more people arent doing it!
    Heres a piccy of my luvely feet and furry legs - [​IMG]
  2. brack1936

    brack1936 Member Lifetime Supporter

    Very nice Ethereal. Here's to the Tropics!
  3. RyJa

    RyJa Member

    Kudos to not shaving...I've yet to meet any women here where I live who DON'T shave. I always prefer a lady with some hair.
    Here you do get odd looks when you go barefoot (or women who don't shave for that matter) but that's the typical North American attitude. Were fed to believe whatever Hollywood says is the only acceptical way.
  4. aeshna5

    aeshna5 Member

    Ethereal- that's a beautiful hairy leg there- good on you + your mates going barefoot + hairy. Maybe natural will come into vogue one day again?
  5. Alan33466

    Alan33466 Member

    Hi Terri....Your hairy legs and high arched bare feet are beautiful! I think both lifestyle choices are just Great!
  6. dixie_pixy

    dixie_pixy HighMandi

    amazing! I agree. Barefoot does not equal sinner... barefoot equals comfort!
  7. bkcmar

    bkcmar keep those feet bare

    thumbs up to you, fuck conventional societal bull shit. you rock you sister, keep them bare and hairy.
  8. Tech Mo

    Tech Mo Member

    You and your friends are angels!!! Its great to see that you are free to be what you want to be and not be hastled about it. Being barefoot and not shaving yourself, you are a woman of my choice though unfortunately you dont meet many or should I say none in London town. Your feet and hairy legs are gorgeous. Would love to see ur underarm hairs too!! May I ask a personal question if you shave your pubic hairs?

    Keep em dirty

  9. Justagrrl420

    Justagrrl420 Member

    awesome!!! I don't like shaving, but I'm not one for being barefoot..I like my socks..but kudos for you doing what you feel is right!
  10. ethereal

    ethereal Member

    hehehe thanks everybody for your kind comments!
    of course there is still the occasional snobby shopgirl who looks at my furry legs in disgust, but generally, here, nobody bats an eyelid.
    i dont go barefoot absolutely all the time... i guess i dont make too much of a point of it cos like i said, its pretty acceptable here if u or u don't, and on hot days youd be silly not to wear something on your feet or else they sizzle on the ground!
    and tech mo, i dont shave my pubic hair either... very rarely i might wax my bikini line to keep the boy happy, but i think hes grown to love my all over furryness :)
  11. Tech Mo

    Tech Mo Member

    Then he is a very lucky boy!!

    Keep em dirty

  12. ethereal

    ethereal Member

    haha thanks tech mo... although i think im a pretty lucky gal to have a guy who isnt interested in fucking a hairless pornstar
  13. bkcmar

    bkcmar keep those feet bare

    you are very lucky young womyn. most guys your age are into the "hairless pornstar". you and he are wise beyond your years.
  14. thespeez

    thespeez Member

    Where in Australia are you from? As I understand it, Aussie women who like to go 'natural' such as yourself are rare! The possible exceptions perhaps being around Nimbin or Byron Bay, NSW.
    ...Or here in the 'States for that metter.
    I have to concur.
  15. Kool_Hand_Hip

    Kool_Hand_Hip Barefoot everywhere

    It amazes me that going barefoot is unwelcome in certain parts of the U.S. too. Here in northern California I go barefoot all the time and never hear a negative word about it. In fact I have been 24/7 barefoot for about four months now. Just decided to one day and never went back. Don't plan to either. If people ask (rare) I just tell them I prefer it. Seems to work for me.
  16. i live on the east cost of the US & i'll walk barefoot to the bus stop even with frost on the ground. i get the same reaction from people even in the summer. like can you believe it? or maybe shes poor? no ill carry my shoes with me but i see no reason for them other then when its truly freezing.
    & wonderful legs to you. i wish people were more accepting
  17. aeshna5

    aeshna5 Member

    Do you go furry legged too? Cool look if you're brave enough to do it!
  18. barefootbob1

    barefootbob1 Member

    I love it!!! It is just a natural thing and on some girls it can be beautiful. On others- not so much....

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