Banned Book Week

Discussion in 'Front Page Stories' started by ZenKarma, Oct 27, 2016.

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    I have read The Satanic Bible and it didnt make me a Satanist. I read books by Andre Gide and I didnt suddenly turn into a homosexual. I don't think reading a book is going to make monsters....unless you let them.
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    This 1915 movie, glorifying the Klan whose membership it spurred, was one of the first movies to be the subject of a banning effort. It was banned in eight states.
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    But we're the ones who won't be able to buy it soon!

    Yes we should be sensitive about cultural stereotypes, but damn! I miss Speedy Gonzalez! Censored because he offends Latinos! Next we'll ban Porky Pig because he offends people who stutter, Foghorn Leghorn because he offends people with southern accents and Homer Simpson because he offends morons! Where will it end?
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    No, I just want PC Culture to lighten up. And Speedy Gonzalez is horrifically racist? A little insensitive maybe, but keep in mind he's a good guy and he always wins.
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    Allowing the right of free speech to people like that simply shows them to the whole word in their true colours.
  6. themnax

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    i think also for his time, he was being daringly progressive to, however porely, express a diversity the dominant culture didn't even want to admit existed. you know that, and the environmentalsim of the lorax, are what the objectors were actually objecting to.

    i mean the whole dominant culture was racist, and that was the only way you could get away with even expressing the notion of diversity in those days.

    the whole thing of ownership of publication rights is itself a freespeach issue, the whole, copyright being about money is a free speach issue.

    also nothing to do with that "political correctness" meem. which is a false equivelancy to begin with.
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