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Discussion in 'Cannabis and Marijuana' started by akatweak, May 1, 2007.

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    Well i figure people just post up entertaining story's about funny shit they've done while high...

    There was a time when i couldnt stand going to work unless i was high... Id wake up hit my bowl take a shower smoke a joint on the way to work... so anyways one day i get to work and we're all loading up the company truck to goto a job site an hour or so out of town. So we make a check list and i check shit off... so we get out there to the site and i realized i forgot my tungsten (im a welder) so they were like you dumb shit go back to the shop and get your shit while we set up for you, so i head out and i figure id smoke a doobiedoo on the way there, i pick the shit up then i head out next thing you know its like7pm a night and i still havent found my way back to the job site... so i had to pull over at some random pay phone just off the main highway and call em on the celly and they are like what happend... they direct me from where i am and when i get there it was freezing out i felt bad cus they were all standing out by a lake in the cold and one guys about 60!!! so they sat in the truck while i finished up the work cus they finished all the prep work... i felt like such an ass... we had to come back another day to finish a one day job... so they make fun of me for being a pothead... also my boss cut my paycheck in half:(

    so yeah i never smoke at work anymore unless i have some work where i can sit at a table and work for 8hours straight!!!
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    All of the stories I have of me being baked are good stories. Well, their not very interesting but they're positive.

    Me and my boss (now an equal) always smoke at work. There is a perfect spot to whip out a bowl down back. After she and I got good and baked out back I was called inot the office by the owner of the store. I was nervouse because my eyes were untreated and I had to smell at least a little. I sat down and we started chatting. He then asks me how I would like to supervise the new shop when it opens this summer on the beach. Hell Yeah! I'm getting a $2/hr raise and a sweet job all offered to me being baked. This guy is getting pretty senile (high 70's?) and he should think about selling. I don't think he noticed a thing. Anyway, I'm looking forward to break n' bakes on the beach this summer.
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    Might not be that funny to you but...

    Me and a friend parked my car with a very nice view of the city. We smoked and listened to some music for about 20 mins. We were talking about aliens and abduction's due to the sky being clear that night. :) After that convo was ending my friend said "look man us being watched." I noticed that a house maybe 50 feet away had a security camra looking directly at us. We looked at each other and just broke out laughing. A moment where you had to be there but oh it was a good one.

    Smokeing does make lots of positive memories.
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    I remeber right after I graduated...for like a month I did nothing, but sleep and wake and bake....and then smoke all day....the same process over and over again!
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    There was one time I'd had a few j's. Afters me and my mate were walking down the street and we were going to drop off the rest of the brick to another mate. Next thing we see two Gardaí up ahead of us walking our way. So we crossed the road to the postbox on the other side and very calmly proceeded to put the hash in the postbox and walk off. We looked back and when the Gardaí'd gone we went back to get the stuff. Course we couldn't get it back. What a waste.
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    when i was living in spain for a little while, i used to talk long, wandering walks to smoke hash joints. i´d bring a CD player, something to eat and drink, and some pre-rolled joints (when i used to suck at rolling in the streets).

    anyways, one time, i wandered onto a train platform on the outskirts of the city i was living in. i figured i´d walk all the way down it, then back to proceed on my walk. so i´m walking along the edge (near the tracks, but above them, you know?) and all of a sudden i hear this sound. i turn my head to look behind me and a train is haulin´ ass towards the platform i was on.
    there´s absolutely no one around and it´s late at night, so the train definitely isnt going to slow down to stop. instead of jumping back, i purpously stood there and stayed close to the edge cause i knew i was safe.
    man, what a rush to have a fucking train whizzing by you super fast while you´re super baked!
    then either right after that, or during another walk in that same neighborhood, i was wandering around and kept hearing a marching band playing. being that i played tuba for many years, including in a marching band, i wanted to find them to listen to them. again, this is late at night and i have no idea why a band would even be practicing then. so i eventually find out where the sound is coming from and see this band of about 20-30 people marching around this vacant lot playing instruments. all they did was stay in a block formation and walk around the perimeter of the lot.

    and speaking of marching bands... i played the sousaphone in 2 different bands (high shcool and college-level) over the course of 7 consecutive years. so after a while, you become pretty good at it. and i definitely credit weed to helping that happen. there´s so much going on at the same time: playing the music you´ve memorized while keeping good marching form while facing certain directions while marching in the formations you´ve memorized while occasionally dancing and jumping around while carrying a 40 lb. instrument on just your left shoulder. so i´d usually be high while doing it because it´s easier to not really think about what you have to do and just DO it. so for every performance, i was pretty much always high, often times stopping off at home on the way to a game to hit a gravity bong. oh yeah, and then there was the drinking...

    in the "marching band handbook" that we had, it said that no person´s hair can go past the collar of their uniform. since the whole idea of a marching band is to have conformity and be one unit, this makes sense, but there really wasnt much i could do:

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    hahaha! ^
    for me, a baked story? aaaaaaah thats way too hard, I have too many (and I forget them!) erm Ill think boujt it and come back and post somethin
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    ok heres one story...
    me and like 3 freinds were smokin a fatass blunt, and the girl that was with us never smokes and never wants to she was like "weed is soo bad for you, if i smoke right now ill b sick for weeks!!, im not touchin that poison" she was watchin t.v. in the house while we were hittin the blunt outside, we got really high and we were tryin to mess with that we came up with an idea of me acting like i was soo high i was gettin a sezier/ heart attack..haha so one of the kids was like ive never been this high b4, i dont feel very well, my whole body is shaking then i was like yea mine too..then i started breathing heavily and i started shaking!! lol it was intense, i acted like i was chokin n shit and she was like "omggg!! GET SOME HELPP!! < HELLLLLLLLLPPP are you ok?!!! ARE YOU OK!?! CAN U HEAR ME?!" hahahahaha i busted out laghfin for like 25minutes straight and the other guyz had a laghfin attack for a long long tmie HAHA IT WAS GREAT!

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