Bad relationship- Don't care anymore?

Discussion in 'Relationships' started by G. Felix, Sep 3, 2013.

  1. G. Felix

    G. Felix Guest

    So I was dating this girl for a couple months. I learned that she was very sexually active while She was only my second. We broke up but in those couple months she just fucked my mind so badly with fucking abusive games that i don't know if i really want a relationship right now but would be fine just hooking up which is not who I usually am. I don't know what to think. Any thoughts/ similar experiences?
  2. Lorea

    Lorea Member

    It's very natural to have these feelings after a bad break's the reason why people have divorce parties or screw everything in sight after a bad breakup. but other people have other, more constructive ways of coping, such as keeping yourself busy by volunteering for a charitable cause and helping others in greater need than you (this can help put things in perspective). You should find what is best for you, but whatever you do, just make sure you don't do things you will later regret in life, as each and every one of your actions always become are what you make of your life!

    Good luck, and from what it sounds like, good riddance! :)

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