bad pattern to be in

Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by kitty fabulous, Jun 1, 2004.

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    you know, i think it's quite possible to just get in the habit of being depressed. i think this is why so many people think there life sucks so much. that's probably not a good pattern for me to be in now.
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    Well sometimes life does suck Kitty... and the cycle of depression is a hard one to break out of... don't be hard on yourself if you weren't down when life was sucking... something would really be wrong...

    But if you stay down thats the danger... rebounding, bouncing back... that is what is important... get up above it and look down, get some distance, survey the situation so to plan the next bounce and hopefully land in a better spot.

    If your in the mud and you can't bounce out, then atleast start rolling... slow at first even if you feel like your spinning... at least your moving...
    Don't let it get you down... and if you do, don't let it keep you down...

    We can't make life great and we can't make life just does.. we can only decide how we are going to respond to it...
    wishing the best for you..
  3. -GOD-

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    Kitty, I knoweth that you have put me on your ignored list - how? I know everything. You also told me in another thread but, I knew you'd do it even before you registered here.

    But, you have free choice to "unignore" me. I have given you free choice in all my magnificence.

    Don't be depressed my child.


    I have given you eyes and then made mountains for you to see.

    You can see the heavens any time of the day above you.

    Sure, telemarketting tv wasn't my brightest one but that was on the eighth day of creating and I was godamn tired...


    Look at the other things I made to make you feel good - sex, paxil, guns to shoot your annoying neighbors.

    God loves you.

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