Bad MDMA/LSD? Which one? What could it be?

Discussion in 'MDMA - X' started by LSAndrew, Aug 24, 2013.

  1. LSAndrew

    LSAndrew Member

    A friend and I decided to Candy Flip at a rave on the 23rd of August. We had two tabs of what we are pretty sure was LSD. On the other hand, our "molly" seemed to be a little bit off. It looked fine, it was beige powder/crushed crystals. The thing off about it was the fact that it had a scent similar to urine. We could tell this from the start, but we decided that we would risk it, since our source is a reliable friend. We dropped the tabs at about 7:00 PM and left for the rave. Effects started to kick in around 8:00 and we took around 200mg of our "molly" at 9:00. After around 45 minutes they both started to intensify and the trip turned more into a roll. This was my first candyflip experience, but it seemed like a roll with a little more visuals and everything seemed a little bit more intense/overwhelming at times. Next I'll explain some of the effects that I felt that seemed to be different than a normal roll, which could have just been caused by the combination of the two. One, it seemed like I was more oblivious to getting water and got dehydrated easier. Two, my pupils were full on saucers, with very minimum iris, which was probably due to the combination. Three, it seemed like I had to take in big breaths and my breath was kind of shallow. I would have to make sure to take a really deep breath every minute or so to make sure I was breathing. Other than that, it seemed like a perfectly clean flip (as far as I'm concerned). It was really amazing and was just a roll with some of the acid elements. Things started to get more serious as we were coming down. My friend and I could not sleep all night and had minor visuals and pupil dilation. In the morning, our stomachs were very discomforted (we ate a few hours before we dropped so I'm pretty sure it didn't have to do with the lack of food or something, but not completely sure). I noticed that I was chewing my mouth throughout the entire night and the pupil dilation and minor visuals stayed. When we stand to get up, we become very light headed and almost to the point of fainting. Also, we do not have an appetite and even water seems to be harsh on our stomachs. Everything seemed to be a little off and our pupils were dilated when we were outside and did not adjust, therefore going outside was extremely bright and unpleasant. As we try to eat or drink, our stomachs get upset. I have also noticed that my pupils dilate often throughout the day, to a very noticeable size. So far, it has been 27 hours since we dropped the LSD (which we are almost positive was clean) and I am still getting visuals in a sense that everything seems to be flowing and moving when I focus on it. I have been able to eat simple things like waffles, but it is a struggle and I cannot drink too much, for my stomach begins to feel acidic and uncomfortable. I have a generally disturbance in my stomach, as if I could throw up at any time. Does anyone know what this substance could have been? Oh and also we were getting hot/cold flashes and goose bumps along with tinglings throughout our bodies. I also seem to be chewing my lip out of habit. My memory is mostly there and it is not much of a mental difference. My only problems at the moment are the strange visuals and stomach discomforts. Also keep in mind that I have been awake for about 35 hours or so. I stayed mostly hydrated during the Rave. I also seem to have a dry mouth. I don't think that the LSD caused the problem, because my friends who took the same LSD but different molly are fine. Thanks a bunch and help if you can, it's important. I've researched and maybe it's MDA? MDPV? Not sure because of the urine smell...
  2. guerillabedlam

    guerillabedlam _|=|-|=|_

    If you held the acid in your mouth and experienced any notably bitter/numbing taste it wasn't LSD. The Molly sounds like it could've been a poorly synthed MDA analogue, beyond that it's difficult to narrow it down to a specific chem.
  3. LSAndrew

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    Alright. I later considered it's possible it was an RC. But I'm not sure. I looked more into MDA and it seemed a lot more like the effects I was feeling, but it's basically impossible to determine because I was tripping. Whatever it was I feel better now but that was so shitty of a hangover/comedown.
  4. How many times have you rolled previously?

    It was probably BK-mdma (methylone)

    more methylone is sold as "Molly" nowadays than actual mdma, and it's sad.
  5. LSAndrew

    LSAndrew Member

    This was my 3rd time rolling. I have a feeling the effects were more to do with the Acid, which I now realize was probably a RC. I wasn't fully sober when I took it so I didn't really notice the tongue numbness.
  6. gendorf

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    I noticed that after doing lsd my pupill reflex was "strange" for days. It was moving constantly. expanding and shrinking.
    sounds like you guys dropped too much mdma. Tho I never got light headedness from it.
    I only get that from amphetamines.
    Was there white powder?
    The speed paste sold on the streets smell funky. If you mix that smell with the smell of molly you would probably get something that smells like urine...... Maybe your baggie was hit up to be more speedy?
  7. LSAndrew

    LSAndrew Member

    Not sure. Yeah my pupils were weird for about three days. I think it was a combination of an RC and too much molly.
  8. Green a

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    Sounds like a typical candyflip. You probably took too much of each drug your supposed to take less of each drugs then your used to when you candyflip. It is possible your "molly" or "lsd" were research chemicals. Did the mdma taste like mdma? You cant judge anything off pupil dialation if i take a larger dose of mda/mdma my pupils are goofy for like 15 hours even after i sleep. As for the visuals it could be sleep deprivation or an rc but im prettty sure most the rcs that would cause you to trip for 15+ hours take a lot longer to take effect so you probably would have noticed. 25x-nbome series could have some "weird" side effects when combined with anything beacause nobody knows much about it and it seems to have varying effects on diffrent people. Or your "molly" could have had meth to keep you up that long. Basicly your never gona know until you take more of these mind benders and learn how they should effect you

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