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Discussion in 'U.S.A.' started by soulofthetrees33, Aug 31, 2005.

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    hey westcoasters, my name's hollie and as fate has decidedly taken it, i dropped everything i've ever known and left it in my suburban chicago lifestyle so that i can travel the beautiful countryside of california and oregon. in doing so, though i am way psyched about camping and living directly off the land, i'm a little "itchy" if you will, about no contact with my pre-learned ways. also, to salvage my travel buddies patience, it would be nice to have so more communicae with some other like-minded folks as well. sooooo, if anyone is down, or "up" heehehe, for some new friends, i would love to hear some suggestions about places to chill, ways of the towns, drum circles, maybe some greens, all the lovely accents of the good life. who knows, it might be cool to create a caravan of sorts cuz i KNOW some of you WANT to do it, obviously checkin out this thread is a hint, so my brothers and sisters, respondance is greatly admired and appreciated!!!! peace n luvinz

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