backcombing falling out? then why waste time?

Discussion in 'Dreadlocks' started by Whirled Peas, May 1, 2007.

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    hi. i am backcombing my hair on friday and i was wondering why do people backcomb and spend all that time knotting up the hair if it doesnt stay in. i mean this one girl said it took her 3 days. i dont want it to be a waste of time because i really want dreads. i know then will get loose at first, but will it be so bad that they dont look NOTHING like dreads. as long as they are still sectioned out after weeks/months ill do it but if it falls out to where it just looks like tangles... im not up for that. so please let me know what you think. thanks alot everyone..

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    it doesn't usually all fall out... it just loosens up before it starts to tighten up... it really just helps you get your dreads where you want them to be, and the aproximat size that you want them to be.
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    if you backcombed correctly, it should stay in. a few individual hairs might come out (especially baby hairs). but it will look like dreads. they just look loose for awhile. doesnt take too long though.

    ... 3 days seems rather long.. my first set was backcombed in 3 hours..
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    use backcombing as a guide not a final outcome...your hair moves, it knotts and it needs the freedom to knott itself...personaly id give up on backcombing and just let it happen itself because it will :)

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