Babywearing raffle for tsunami victims

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    I'm raffling off a hand-dyed, appliqued keepsake wrap, the proceeds from which will go to CARE International to benefit those affected by the recent Tsunami. It’s done up in mermaid castle colors of greens, blues, and purples, with an appliqué of a merbaby diving down for a sip of her mermama’s yummy milk.

    If the raffle goes over $250, and I'm hoping it will, I have made two of these wraps and will raffle them both, to keep the odds high for all involved.

    I don't frequent many boards, so I would appreciate it if you are on other boards, if you would spread the word. I’m hoping to get the raffle to $500.
    J There are lots of people in Southeast Asia and Africa who need help. So, please pass it on, in your online communities or among your friends!

    Thank you.


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    You should go post this on Motheringdotcommune!

    It's a wonderful idea!

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