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  1. musiklover77

    musiklover77 Member

    Living in babylon for years and years.

    Having major problems relating with business men and women and jiving with them.

    My personality is being rejected by most although all I want is happiness and peace it seems all I'm being is rejected and snickered at.

    Wish I could go home, but I can't.

    How do I make the best out of my life as well as make an example for others especially my youngins?

    Feeling Sad, Hopeless, Rejected and stuck here for a very very long time.

    Trying to be grateful for each day, for my health and families health and for our moments together. Making the best of it.

    Not looking for how to be grateful, I am.

    More like how do I make friends… lol with business minded Babylonian people.
  2. FlyingFly

    FlyingFly Dickens

    Do not refer to them as Babylonians when you are with them, lol.
    And don't be too prejudicious;
  3. I am coming to the end of my term in Babylon. I have made very few friends, mostly with other like-minded people. I have not found a way to be interested in all of the pretentious, mindless things that occupy the 'average' person's thoughts, and I refuse to pretend to be interested. I can only suggest that you make friends online with others that you feel a connection to, try to find kindred spirits in your community, and just wait it out, be patient. The only other thing I can suggest is to try and find any common interests you can talk about with them, if you want to try and be 'friends'. Otherwise, just stay strong, believe in yourself, don't give any weight to what others think of you, create your own reality by knowing who you are and where you want to be, and just love your kids for who they are, and encourage them to love themselves.

    Oh yeah, and like FlyingFly said, don't refer to them as Babylonians to their faces. They probably won't like it.


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