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    This has been a fascinating glimpse into Germany at the end of the roaring 20s and before the rise of the Nazis. The economy was still seriously depressed, but that didn't stop people of all classes from rubbing shoulders at various points of their daily lives.

    There are all kinds of surprises and a healthy dose of suspense throughout and the overall plot twists repeatedly. I am loathe to give away too much up front, but it's worth watching. And you'll have to pay attention because it's all in German with subtitles. The entire cast is fully believable and the story flows very naturally. In only 1 episode of the 16 do you see any actual Nazis and then only for a few minutes in a train station.

    Berlin is portrayed as a cosmopolitan city and the art deco embellishments are incredible. There's a lot of sex, drugs and Swing, as you'd expect.
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    Just Google 'Weimar' to fill your boots with all things louche about Berlin - it's a well-known period and the dollar went a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong way

    By the way - it's 'loath' pronounced 'loth' - and means reluctant as your context correctly suggests. the verb 'to loathe' is another kettle of fish entirely - it's a common error, but fatal on a resume
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    ugh. Berlin.
    the worst.
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    :tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy: i love it how people start talking about "babylon" in this forum. I think I ignited this :blush:
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    I can't imagine expressing any form of loathing on a resume!
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    However, you might be loath to reveal your secret formula if you were applying for a job as a research chemist at Big Pharma
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