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    When I was a relationship counsellor some time ago ,one of the most common complaints from women after they have had kids is lack of body confidence . Most notably the "Mummy Tummy" which is generally an enlarged tummy area and often accompanied by stretch marks . Many women find this vey difficult to remove by dieting alone . As a keep fit person the only sure way is to do plenty of core exercises and tone the area . For many women working out isnt an option so the only way is to hide the bumps to help restore the body confidence in the bedroom .

    The Babydoll worn in the bedroom is a convenient way of hiding those bumps and is a very sext item of lingerie and has evolved from the original Babydoll nighties of yester year. These modern garments are oftebn worn with sexy stockings .panties and thongs . They can be left on whilst making love with their partner which will help o keep thier confidence

    Some examples are pictured below.


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    I have issues with my mum tum and this is my favorite piece to wear similar to a baby doll but I do like the full panel instead of the sheer.

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  3. Captain Scarlet

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    That's good that it gives you the confidence in the bedroom .I personally luv them as I think they look very sexy in the bedroom and a good reason to keep the lights on :)
  4. Dulci Daily

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    Me, I like the sheer ones!

  5. Old70#PA

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  6. BeatrixPothead

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    They really aren't that old, mid-20th century, and they first appeared because of a shortage of fabric during WWII. For most of history, people in enclosed structures slept nude or wearing just a cap to keep the head warm. About 500 years ago, Europeans began wearing sleep shirts and sleep gowns. The babydoll is just a shorter version of that.

    Regarding the tummy, no matter how much they exercise, some women that had defined abs before having children will never get back there after carrying children. Marathon runner, yoga instructor? It matters not, for some, it won't happen. I agree that a garment that covers the tummy can be sexy and give a woman confidence. The same is true of swimwear.

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