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    'Stolen' hockey goal prompts child's 911 call

    PATRICK MALONEY, Free Press Reporter 2005-01-05 02:46:52

    When road hockey games lead to 911 calls, you know it's time to bring back the NHL. As a bunch of neighbourhood kids played on an street in Elora on Jan. 1, one told a nearby four-year-old his team had been robbed -- a common hockey line that often follows a goalie's big save.

    But the little boy took the comment literally.

    "Some of the kids said to him, 'Call the cops, someone stole a goal there,' so he went in and called the cops," OPP Sgt. Dave Rektor said yesterday of the call that came into London's 911 centre.

    "He wasn't trying to be malicious. It was just the innocence of it that was funny."

    After the boy quickly hung up on the 911 dispatcher, they called back to learn the nature of the emergency.

    It was the boy's mother, police said, who explained the confusion.

    Rektor said police didn't consider the 911 call offside.

    "Sometimes we've got to laugh at ourselves," he said.
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    What a dumb kid

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