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Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by Lilah_Morgan, May 28, 2007.

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    Hey I dunno if "random thoughts" is the best forum to ramble about this in, but it seems to make most sense to me after looking the diff. forums over.

    Anyway today... a few hours ago... at the memorial day festival in Boulder. Pretty decent band playing, beer stand a few feet away, half the crowd dancing, a good time, the sun is shining, right? well, we all hear thunder clapping...cheer for some reason every time it does...and the band keeps playing.
    Then, ALMOST out of nowhere: It DOWNPOURS!!! Seriously rains hard on all of us, including the band. And well: Everyone who wasn't dancing already (myself included) just started dancing!!!! lol it was so random, maybe you'd have to be there, but it was like what the hell its pouring on us lets everybody just dance!
    Band played two more songs, even though they probably could've b een electrecuted (hmm good thing they weren't lol) and for those two songs it was like 200 people dancing in the rain. Nobody was not dancing right then.

    That was a random, AWSOME moment :)
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    sounds like an awesome buzzed moment.

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