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    Along our beach,which is a textile beach,there is a fence,seperating a once chemical company from the beach,and further down the beach a bird sanctuarry,and about three miles further,an arms company.
    So one Sunday,I went for a walk down the beach,crawled through the fence...stripped naked,and hid my cliyhes,and went I landed up at the arms company,and slipped intomthe was huge,and had allmtypes of cctv all over,but jt seemed so delappedated...and I litterally scouted the entire base without the nude....then a few weeks later,I went down the beach again,and entred the compound at a totally different the nude as usual...and scarcely had I entred when I was swarmed by security police and "arrested".Apparently,I had entred an explosives testing I was escorted to their offices....the cops in naked innthe entire complex....they interegated me,
    Seeing I was naked and without weapons,they believed me that I was scouting to ease my curiosity....then they called the "normal" police to escort me off the base...because I told them that I hid my clothes way the normal cops came and transported me to my "access"point,but as I got out the police vechile which was on the beach....the funniest thing happned...the police suv got stuck in the sand....and gues what,,,I the nudist had to help them dig out their vechile....
    I think the cops saw it more amusing,than a tresspass...and even expressed wonderment that I had no shyness.....but I still wonder...what thoughts went through the security police's minds at the arms factory.....I would have loved to be a fly against the wall to hear their remarks and discussions......
  2. kaalvoetpoena

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    I accidently posted it do i delete it?

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