Discussion in 'Poetry' started by bluesafire, May 29, 2007.

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    a knowing that no thought can touch
    nor wanting reach
    it comes when ready
    of its own accord
    and settles like a morning dew
    upon my thirsty soul.
    a gentle click within my heart
    reveals the universe to me
    in one quick burst,
    but speak of it I won't...
    I can't... the words don't come
    it is outside the scope of words,
    or thoughts, or things.
    a click, a tiny movement of
    some unseen gear into
    a predetermined space,
    and I am left just sitting here,
    in wonderment...
  2. buddm4n

    buddm4n Member

  3. airotciv

    airotciv Slowly Going Sane

    Beautiful. :)
  4. myself

    myself just me

  5. that was interesting i had to read it a few times to understand but good work =)

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