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    I awoke today
    and Felt the weight
    of a thousand blues musicians
    and all there hard hung
    sing sung songs
    exploded in my head
    and the weight
    of all the hobos
    and the street kids
    and of the disillisusioned
    and the discontent
    the poor and the lonely
    and the secret lonliness
    of the rich white kids too
    and the quiet desperation
    of the corporate slaves
    and all that well hidden rage
    and the weight
    of my own graves
    and all that
    of all man's too
    and the queer
    the straights
    and the one's the bend
    each and every way
    and the dog
    and the duck
    and the cat
    and the fox
    and the porch too
    and all the sorrows
    and all the dreams
    that remain undone
    and all that
    and all this
    and everything
    and everyone
    washed away
    one by one
    under the graveyard western Sun
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    wow this is has lots of
    emotions flying around in your words...

    to stand and stare at all in this world
    will reflect upon a heavy soul of tomorrow

    thank you for post
    love n peace from saff

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