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  1. i feel only half awake, like nothing i do each day really matters and i rarely feel properly alive. occasionally i get amazing flashes, or just moments when everything is okay and i am awake again. i crave this more than anything. i want to 'awaken'. the other night i realised i am seeking something i don't really know is there. how does one find truth? :huh:
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    Finding it is easy. Focus on readying yourself to let all your daily strife's "fakeness" go, the illusion is more real to you than you care to recognize. It is useful here to die a mental death as early as possible, before physical death, sort of to plan for the afterlife, also to let go of worldly things and appreciate them in their impermanence, the Zen art of appreciation without attachment. In this way you purify your intent towards higher things, through deconstruction. Remember, as the Buddha says, we are all innately enlightened. But our infinite spark (impersonal, I might add), we may choose to live with it forever, or die apart from it upon death and forget our failure in another reincarnation cycle.
  3. i used to be a very materialistic type of person but for some time now i have only found emptiness in material things . my daily "problems" seem so fake but still its like i am gripping to them for dare life, afraid to let go perhaps. each day it seems to get harder to follow this path, if you like, when all i have is a vague memory of what it is i am chasing/following. all i know is that i could go live a very "normal" sort of life, and that could still be very tempting, but what stops me is the feeling that i have already done this many, many times before. thanks for your post! i really appreciate it. what you have to say makes alot of sense. thankyou
  4. yyyesiam2

    yyyesiam2 Senior Member

    a couple things i've found useful:

    choosing to be positive even when you have a "good reason" to be negative, even when the pit of your stomach is on fire-breathing deeply helps.

    paying attention to "coincidences".

    exercise, especially abs and cardio.

    doing things for others, especially when you have to go out of your way/rearrange what you had planned.


    no "medication", or other intoxicants, or at least cut em down. i would avoid nearly all prescriptions.

    raw food.

    try and look at the "ordinary" things around you and pay close attention to the details. really, any way of stopping your internal dialogue is preferrable.

    less tv. definitely don't watch it till you fall asleep. reading or meditating increases the chance of meaningful, vivid, possibly lucid dreams.

    good conversation. this place is good for that at times.

    there's more, but that's probably plenty for now, eh?
  5. yyyesiam2, Thanks alot for that. i am already paying attention to, or doing, quite a few of these things. Always room for more!
    Just curious..abs and carido? I find this very interesting. Any ideas as to why that helps, or is it just something you have found from experience?
  6. Dancing_Sun

    Dancing_Sun Member

    yyyesiam2 has a lot of great points.
    I find excercise is very important (he does abs and cardio) I prefer to do spiritual dance, different things work for different people in everything we do. The dancing keeps me in touch with every part of my body and especially my core and also my emotions and spirit. When talking in terms of food i find being very conscious about what you are eating in terms of natural food and learning how it helps your body. i definitly agree with no prescription drugs, for me, i want my body to be as natural as possible and synthetic drugs really don't appeal to me.
    To me it's a long process, we have so many outside forces telling us what we should do and who we should be and what we really need to do is to listen to our true selves and figure out what really has meaning and what kind of lives we want to lead. I think it is different for every individual and to go on a spiritual journey of awakening can be long or short hard and easy. evry person is different as well as every path.
    I know i am rambling but i hope some of this is useful.
    I wish you luck on your spiritual jouney
  7. Thankyou very much for sharing your experiences and point of view. Very much appreciated.
    It seems a spiritual path can be a very difficult thing to pursue (in this society), however, many people do manage. I will take this as hope. Thanks again.
  8. yyyesiam2

    yyyesiam2 Senior Member

    cardio-healthy heart, energy flow, mental concentration, balanced level of emotional chemicals, etc.

    abs-support every movement, located in the vicinity of the "will" power center, etc.
  9. kaminoishiki

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    You're already well on your way :) the pull that brings you back is your consciousness tugging at you to make you realise your own existence, in essence, it is the part of you that you don't quite know about yet, the part that most people are unaware of, it's that what you are seeking. But don't quite throw away your individuality yet, even though it can be said to be false, it is also an integral part of your existence, without it others can not see you, they can not hear your voice. Your ego is not wholey you, it's just a part of you, your voice that you reflect your image onto others with. You won't recognise this upon the first stages of awakening because you will be hastily casting aside your ego false self and revelling in the oneness of consciousness, yet soon enough i think you'lll come to know ego as just another part of the machine, and you'll accept it and embrace it just as i have done :) You are yourself and everybody around you, you are everything and nothing, all at the same time, you are one :)
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    well u feeling the way u do & wanting more is the very start i think!

    u feeling half awake is ur higher self telling u that there is something u need to change.

    i would encourage you to find things that make u happy & please u...i think it is really important to follow your heart & feed your passion, however silly it may feel at first!...what do u really enjoy doing? what dreams have u got? if u could do anything what would u choose?

    have u good friends u can talk to about how u feel? ur lover?

    i think we are encouraged by many things to not be alive & connected in the here & now because it makes us better wage slaves/voters/consumers.

    have u tried stating ur intent out loud & asking for help to awaken? this is very powerful on lots of levels.

    just hearing your voice state what u want can be very emotional.

    but my belief & experience is that when u ask for help this is actually reacted to by the universe!

    i really believe that we are so much more powerful than we are ever taught!

    in fact they spend most of our education telling us how unimportant we are.

    that reality is an external thing which carries on regardless of us & this is now proven to be untrue!

    we program the matrix with our consciousness & intent...

    & please know that you are not alone ok! i have been where u are now & it was the start of something that has definitely made me a better person & improved my life & those who love me!

    so many people are waking up & realising they want more & that the way they thought things were or should be have been based on ideas which they needed to change...

    u will get to where u need to be so be nice to yourself ok!

    here are some links that i hope will help u.

    big love!

    Ascension Guidelines

    Bashar on following your highest excitement

    wave of love

    abraham-hicks the meaning of life

    bill hicks

  11. sugarpimp

    sugarpimp Member

    i forgot one very important thing!

    if, at some stage, you can visualise how you would like your life to be & see it, imagine what it would feel like, look like, how will you feel?

    what do u see? how are u different when u imagine yourself awakened?

    thought & intent are so powerful! try it ok & good luck!

    please let us know how u get on ok & how u feel about what people have said to u?

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