Discussion in 'Poetry' started by 7river, May 12, 2004.

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    if I were an avocado

    i would focus all my energy

    and call out to a beautiful young woman

    fierce is her desire

    her innocence

    she will come to me

    and pick me from our tree

    then later maybe

    sitting on a rock

    on a high ledge looking out on a gorge

    she shares me with her lover

    maybe they scoop me out with tortilla chips

    whilst reciting the works of Blake

    and now it is done

    we are bound and I shall feel their love

    and this day shall not be forgotten

    well i dont have my journal so no where to write this random stuff...maybe random thoughts?

  2. VanAstral

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    i try not to live a sheltered life, but i've just realized: i've never had an avocado.

    thank you, you've inspired me to eat more fruit.
  3. HerbuhLovuh

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    An avocado gets the respect it deserves by its lover.

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