Aura, or eye damage?

Discussion in 'Psychic' started by Spiritchalist, Feb 2, 2009.

  1. Spiritchalist

    Spiritchalist Member

    So recently, I've begun studying and working towards being able to see aura's.

    The other day, after smoking 15 or so poppers to myself, I relaxed on my couch to watch TV. Commercials rolled by, and I decided to meditate. After maybe 5 or 10 minutes, I opened my eyes, and held my hand up to the white plaster drywall on the other side of the room. I saw a nice golden yellow glow coming from my hand. I realized at that moment, I had been able to see auras as a very young kid, but didn't know what they were. Though I've got a couple questions; 1) Is the golden aura I saw on myself because of an advanced spiritual level, or because I was more 'connected' through marijuana? Is it an indication of some sort of significant enlightenment, maybe happening, or about to happen to me?

    2) This is also a bit of a story/question. Before I started opening my third eye, I noticed I could see sort of a haze, like a very thin fog if you will, around people. Recently, I've been noticing the ability to see it on teachers while they teach (just a sort of white cloudy haze against the blackboard). Is it normal to start out seeing auras this way? Is it unheard of?

    Also, if anyone has any more tips on opening my 3rd eye, very appreciated. I can't really get that many resources (Since I'm broke, my parents are strict christians and I don't have a library card, and no method of transportation), but anything I could do at home or on the go is welcome. Any sort of questions/comments/criticism/concerns are nice to hear!

    By the way, I'm picking up some Acid in about a week, and if anyone has some suggestions of things to 'tune into' whilst on that very spiritually attuned trip, I'll surely take it into consideration!
  2. liquidlight

    liquidlight Senior Member

    Spiritchalist, i'm not someone who sees auras but i have done once or twice, one of those times being profound where i was looking at the aura in all it's dimensions on every level. But i don't care mutch for 'trying' to see auras because i see it is part of a natural change of perception which happens when one begins to identify with their spiritual nature outside of the boundarys of their earthly personality. However you seem to be seeing something of that nature so keep observing but try not to think about or interpret what you're seeing and just observe and be calm ... as if you had just spotted a shy deer you didn't want to scare .. stay still and peacful in your mind and enjoy the wonder as it lasts.
    The misty stuff i've seen swirling like a moving light greyish mist, kinda like steam, over the body of a friend as he was practicing tai chi (it seemed a good time to look)... not sure what it is but it's close to the physical body and i think it could be movements of energy within and around the etheric body (the electro magnetic foundation/blueprint of our physical body). I understand that a healthy etheric body is a kinda "DAZ bluey whiteness!" ... the kind of bluey whiteness you like! :D
    There is a dimension to the aura which is pretty much just yellow/gold which i've seen ... it seems to be just beyond the etheric (visually) and extends what seems to be several inches at least. This is the level which to my mind anyway typifies peoples image of what the aura looks like ... a glowing radiant light in which you can see detail 'standing lines of light' reminding one of a candle flame. It seems to come out of everything whether living and breathing or inanimate household objects. I don't know what it is but it's nice. :)
  3. lostminty

    lostminty Member

    chemically, drugs that affect eh mu opiod receptor (NOT OPIATES)

    dxm (particular brands of cough syrup), salvia divinorum, dmt based drugs,

    I would recommend salvia divinorum, it can be relatively safely purchased online and is very powerful...the most powerful substance out there really. I've used it to removed reality filters, it is very short acting. There is plenty of resources online about its use. Be safe
  4. Yeal

    Yeal Member

    I can see it too, and back when I believed in auras I got all worked up about it too. It's just the light bending off your skin. I can see it best when I bquint my eyes or blur my own vision.
  5. lostminty

    lostminty Member

  6. junco40

    junco40 Member

    If you need some guidance on opening your third eye go to Mantak Chia's Universal Tao webpage and look in the articles section. It will tell you all sorts of useful things that can get you where you are going.
    You might want to be careful mixing spiritual practice with heavy drug use. I have seen more than a few people do this and suffer major damage to their nervous systems and psyche's. Basically they run way too much current through their systems before they have the necessary structural supports in place. Yes the highs feel great but without the requisite wiring in place you can start blowing fuses and suffering from severe chi sickness. Good luck and try not to fry yourself.
  7. prana

    prana Member

    It could be some sort of sensory crossover at work here, something which I believe is known as synesthesia.
  8. Enraged Angel

    Enraged Angel Banned

    I've been able to see auras since I was a very small child, everyone thought I was crazy and told me how silly I was. Finally as a teenager my Mom heard more about it, via Silvia Brown... and still have no idea what it means really... I know I felt a really bad feeling and seen a grayish color around my father right before he had his heartattack.... and the same thing when my Grandmother was days before her death.
  9. Spiritchalist

    Spiritchalist Member

    Supposedly, each colour in an aura represents different aspects of the person's character. I'm sure you could find a chart if you google'd it.
  10. IMjustfishin

    IMjustfishin Member

  11. liquidlight

    liquidlight Senior Member

    Anyone interested in auras ... what they are and how we can understand them should read Barbara Anne Brennans' 'Hands of light' and 'Light emerging'.
  12. windy

    windy Member

    As a matter of fact liquidlight I have become interested in auras. Do you see auras?
  13. hi, im new here. I'm glad to have found this forum as i've been to spiritual heaven&hell. Now for my cry for help, i have had some quite strong experiences through my years, both off&on drugs, and i feel like they have brought me a, well, increased perception of some subtle energy. It can make me very uneasy at times. I'm afraid off that I might have chi sickness or atleast something similar. There was this one time i was using a hard drug that is not good, for the nerves. And this man was there, he didnt talk much (like a whole sentence an hour), and then i feel like i am being hit by a force to my psyche, i got a bit afraid and was uneased. The same second or so i felt it he started wiggling back and forth in his seat. I dont know if this was the start or not but since that i sometimes feel something similar. I can also feel spirits (or something similar) if they move close by me. But my reason qouting you (him for you other readers) is that i get alot of muscle twitches and sometimes i can feel strong, electricity like sensation in my root chakra. Am i suffering from chi sickness. Can you give some guidance on this. Is there a cure of some sort? P.s. I've not been meditating much/almost nothing lately
  14. liquidlight

    liquidlight Senior Member


    Well i have seen auras but only once or twice (read back to previous post) ... my death experience landed me in a world of auras; when one lets go of the 'neccessity' of physical form to the point where form begins to vanish and become transparent ie when you begin to see into and though physical objects, people ect (commonly called internal vision), then auras is what's left .. the forms of the energy body. It's still form, just at a deeper level.
    Auras are what we are ... or a manfestation of ourselves in energy. They are not some 'protective shell' or just an energy field that surrounds us - They are us; seemingly without but also within.
    Remember how Eckhart talks about how we create the physical body in our mind as proof to ourselves of our belief in separation? Now imagine that belief is gone and you no longer believe that humans and other forms of life are separate; when this understanding becomes concrete and you truly believe it and begin communicating and acting from that understanding then your reality starts to change accordingly and the physical form becomes less dense to our observation as begin to pay more attention to the truth that lies behind and within it.
    - So just as we create the physical body from our belief in separation, so we also can uncreate it from our belief in unity. However there is a balance; this physical form is a wonderful thing because it allows creation to experience itself in separate form as one to another... beloved to beloved ... without form there would be no other ... no beloved. So this is what the game or lila is about; playing this drama of life in form without becoming stuck on it; - knowing form for what it is ... a symbol and manifestation of the life within it. Egoic conciousness is when we take form for all there is and almost become blind to the life within it. All forms are temporary, lasting seconds or lifetimes (it's all relative) but in that state of conciousness when form is lost its as if all existence had ended, ... but it hasn't; life still lives and hasn't gone anywhere.

    I'm just trying to explain how mutch of a veil the physical form creates, really it's just a skin ... a surface image that we believe in which becuase it's there just perpetuates our belief in it. It's not to 'get rid of' this illusion for the reasons i've mentioned but just to understand it, and thats enough to see beyond it. And that's where auras come in to our conciousness. I'm taking about auras in a very visual way but we feel them all the time as what we sense about our environment and the beings around us.

    Anyway, all said and done auras are still a part of the world of form ... of creation, just on a higher vibratory scale. It's always worth remembering that the essence of who we are is formless. If there are people who are hung up on the physical, there are others who are just as hung up on the astral. Both are dimensions of creation, but not the creator itself.

    But those books i mentioned are well worth reading :)
  15. windy

    windy Member

    sheesh liquidlight I should read ALL the posts so people don't have to repeat themselves lol...when you talk about letting go of physical form where form begins to vanish reminds me of a breathing meditation I do where I breathe in light from the Divine and when I breathe out it goes out through my whole being so that my body has no definition, the lines of my body disappear. For me it's a simple but powerful breath. Eventually if I do this long enough I see this light that comes through my body shining out through the walls of my apt. 'cause really nothing is solid is it. Even through the day often I just simply "realise" that there are no lines to my body I am just light and energy. It is very freeing. And yes I agree with you when you say "you don't have to see auras, you feel them all the time as what we sense about our environment and beings around us." Reminds me of when I took Karate, my Sensei would have one of us close our eyes and try to sense when to block a hit from another. Good lesson on feeling the energy around you (or coming at you lol)
    I will look those books up by Barb Brennan...she's Reiki isn't she? :)
  16. liquidlight

    liquidlight Senior Member

    Yes her work is inspired by Reiki.

    I must reiterate; I'm not saying "Let go of physical form" (as if it's some evil illusion) ... I'm saying "Let go of the need for physical form". Put it this way, one day you will die and let go of your current form and identity, and it will be final for that form and identity. However the life that you are will take on new form and identity but that old form and identity will be gone for good. Yet how beautiful this form is, and to know eachother for as long as this experience lasts and cherish the relating and feeling of it, and when it's time to let go to let go with love and allow oneself to move on; to not be afraid to die to the old thing and live in the present moment.... the only moment. People and experiences come and go but life never leaves you. Nobody really ever leaves you, just the forms come and go.
    I'm reminded of that old chesnut again;

    "He who holds on to a joy, does the winged life destroy,... but he who kisses a joy as it flies, lives in eternitys sunrise,"

    - Living life in the present, being free from past and not hung up on how the future pans out. Being NOW.

    People so mutch build their identity out of who they have been or who they will be yet none of that is really who they are because, as Eckhart would say ... that's just the content of their life situation and quite irrelevant. We are not our experiences but the one who experiences.

    Damnit we were supposed to be talking about auras weren't we! But one doesn't generally see or pay attention to the feeling of energy until we realise that physical form is just one dimension to life ... a very valid dimension but just one dimension nonetheless , a rather surface dimension. we experience some of the other dimensions (feeling) daily but never really pay all that mutch attention to it becuase we can't see them and touch them - we've been conditioned to believe that life is physical that's all. So the worldly man puts physical deeds and prowess above all others and poo poos the rest eh? It's his loss i guess. That's conciousness trapped in form. Get untrapped and all those other dimensions open up.

    I see the physical as just one note of a chord, and to be whole and concious in all dimensions is to play the whole chord, the lows and the highs and all inbetween. Not just one note.

    Maybe i'll rattle on some more tomorrow ... it's nearly 4 am and i'm knackered! Nighty night! :)
  17. No one care about my post/question? this has been very painful at times, so much to have me fear that my body would give up. And i had fear that i could do damage to others by my, i think, channeling/sending out bad energy. Ive found out that i must know me and others to be light beings and feel good for others for myself, let love be my energy. Its just that i get confused/weak sometimes and my body bombards me with stress-like energy and whatnot. And i start seeing others as the source of bad energy and get more stressed having these thoughts/feelings. I even moved to a smaller town to get more peace, it has been getting better since. I wanna see other people, see the good, feel them as beings of light but i have fear in me that keeps battling with me. It takes time for me and i think if i could slow down, release or fix the energy within me that i could do the earth more good than bad. Older wimmen often start to stare at me in grocerie shops cause of my crazy energy flowing out that i cant seem to control at all. About 5 years ago i believed that i had no visual imagination, in my mind everything seemed black. I had to train my imagination for 5 years to make it ok:ish. I saw this as a way to overcome habits and such in meditation (i read so) and to be able to meditate better. I quit using hard drugs alltogether and now feel like my nervous system is recovering pretty quick. I can say that ive been afraid of some of the really beautiful/positive things in life, afraid of wrecking them for others. I want others to be safe or live the best life they can.
  18. Spiritchalist

    Spiritchalist Member

    Don't be afraid. Experience those beautiful/positive things. You're scared of ruining them because you have no experience with them.
  19. liquidlight

    liquidlight Senior Member

    carbon bubblegum ... there really is no 'bad energy', however have you heard the expression "energy follows thought". Fearful and negative thought is the problem here, not the energy, all energy is neutral, just energy ... the universal energy field is like a sandpit moulded by thought and it cannot help but follow our thinking. By our thoughts we can create heaven for ourselves or we can create a hellish experience ... but only in our own minds. Put away those thoughts that your energy is sick and harmful to others, you are not responsible for everyone elses energy or experience. They are. And don't worry about your own little energy field harming the planet as a whole ... it is mutch bigger than you are. Really i'm just saying stop fretting and worrying about it because that is where the problem or issue is here; your belief that you have bad energy. You don't, you just think so... negative thinking blocks our energy making us feel tired and depressed, stressed out and fearful, and we may then get ill and have physical syptoms. Relax, stop worrying ... there is a quote in 'a course in miracles' and it says "Nothing real can be threatened". This is true, this is an ultimate truth of who you are and who the planet is ... you are actually the same thing ultimately. The planet knows this and it wants you to know it. Whatever is happening, it's ok. Be at peace. You cannot harm what is real.
    Thinking, or the way we think ... the way we are conditioned to think, is the no.1 cause of bad experiences. Nothing real can be threatened, ok? Relax!

    You've been running alot of kundalini, alot of earth energy, life energy which is also conciousness your whole life and it's made you very sensitive, drug use has also amplified this and it's been stressful on your psyche and on your root chakra. Don't be scared of this energy because it is you. Our mind, ... our egoic mind and thinking tends to resist this energy because it feels threatening and literally blocks it off causing a buildup of energy in our root chakra and it can all feel very fearful but at the end of the day you must trust your inner/higher guidance to know what it's doing because it's all ... even the bad stuff, for the higher good. It works out in the end and 'all is well that ends well' eh?
  20. Thank you liquidlight for your guidance.
    You make sense to me and given me alot to think about. & make mine.

    Yes, you're right, there is really no good/bad. Only action/consequenses (thoughts/feelings?). The fire is not evil thou it hurts when we put our hand in it. I don't mean to be symbolic, just making a picture. ;)

    I've sure heard of mind-following-thought. Is that where I should focus myself to change?

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