Atheists religions; a rose by another name

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    Did you mean 'phenomena'. Confusion between phenomenon (singular) and phenomena (plural) seems to have appeared from nowhere just a few years ago (ditto with criterion/criteria). I have no idea why the distinction was suddenly lost. However, since I've been standing on a street corner all day, holding up a sign that reads THE ADVERB IS DEAD, who am I to quibble

    quibble and bisque, quibble and bisque
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    because there's no evolution without it

    it is inherent in life

    even paramecia do it
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    That's all well and good but By "laws governing physics" I meant physical laws (i.e. Newton's Laws of Motion) influenced by fundamental forces, not social concepts/laws of human specific endeavors.
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    I enjoyed reading this thread. Interesting discussion.....and the qurestion why does there have to be conflict is in my head.
    All I can say is that I don't know...Ask the people that make it so.....:)

    But to repeat themnax....lack of consideration comes to well as clarity, understanding, empathy, respect and respect for boundaries and so on.....and the hierarchy thing makes sense, too....whoever wrote that post...
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    I say so, because I see no other way of dealing with the ambiguity surrounding human existence. Having faith is a gamble or "joyful bet", as Luther put it. I'd call it more a necessity than a duty. Of course, my bet is on "Something Big Out There". An atheist could reasonably bet on just the opposite. We place our bets and take our chances. But I think the leap (maybe "hop" would be a better word) should never be done if the evidence and reason clearly point in the opposite direction: e.g., evolution, the age of the earth, etc. When faith and reason/evidence point in opposite directions, I go with reason/evidence.
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