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Discussion in 'Masturbation' started by stapler, May 24, 2007.

  1. stapler

    stapler Member

    I'm very horny this morning, I have an erection that wont go away! So I'm teasing myself here at work, stroking my cock through my pants, checking out some sexy sites, etc and I reckon around 10am I'll head to the toilets, lock the cubicle door and get one out.
    I'm just wondering does anyone else do this? Any interesting/funny stories of getting caught, etc?
    Oh-and one other thing, I cant look up "hardcore" sites at work, so I am restricted to sites that show sexy pictures but without nudity-anyone have any recommendations? Thanks.
  2. Naked

    Naked Member

    Hey, I am with you man. I am so horny right now myself. Though I am at home, and am going to rip off my pants and go any minute now!

    You know, there was one time I was horny at work, and I just couldn't stand it anymore, so I went to the bathroom, took ALL my clothes off, and went at it. It was great! One of the best orgasms ever!
  3. w.w.winkie

    w.w.winkie Member

    I do it at work, problem is that it makes MORE work as I get the longest customer queue coming through my till at the Tesco supermarket where I work.

    I think they are just being nosey
  4. Alone At Last

    Alone At Last Member

    Most days I ride my bicycle to work - hitting speeds close to 30mph in city traffic, yet I stop for all traffic lights (stop signs are something different) - I, as my wife calls it, bird bath as I change into my business clothes for the day. Included in the bird bath, when my internal gears are still flying inside me, is a nice session in the stall. People are so used to me changing in there at the beginning of the day, and after work that I am under the radar.
  5. SG69

    SG69 Member

    I've beat off at several jobs I've had, a few times even did it right in front of a hot co-worker without them knowing.
  6. Alone At Last

    Alone At Last Member

    To masturbate infront of someone without them knowing defeats the purpose - sounds awful quiet, boring and sad.
  7. candeh

    candeh Member

    I've jerked off at EVERY job I've had. (But only when I had time, or during lunch, etc. I'm not a slacker.) About a year ago, I decided to create some artwork on the stall wall. I started squirting on the wall, with different angles, heights, and whatnot. The average toilet user could tell what the dried cum was (if you couldn't you'd have to be stupid) and after about 6 or 8 months of this the entire surface of the wall had cum streaks practically everywhere. I always wiped up whatever ended on the floor but I never wiped off the wall except for the occasional times when I chickened out and thought somebody might end up using that stall before the cum dried. It would have been especially bad if they were going to the same one I had been using right as I was exiting. It never happened though.

    What is funny is that I once heard the janitor talking to someone in the lunchroom, I was in the back eating lunch and they probably didn't know anybody was there, but I heard him say how management wanted him to clean the walls in the bathrooms. I actually heard him say that someone had shot cum all over the wall in that one bathroom I always used. I think he may have even been a little suspicious of me, so from then on I kinda cooled it. Now, my beloved artwork has been destroyed...

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