Astronomy predicts the future!

Discussion in 'Astrology' started by Eugene, May 20, 2007.

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    Sometime within the next 100,000 years the supergiant star betelgeuse will go supernova. it will shine with the luminosity of a crescent moon on earth. it also might mess up electronic equipment.
    some time in the next 5,000,000,000 years the sun will expand to close to our orbit, stripping away our atmosphere and oceans...
    other than that the stars don't have anything to tell you about the future.
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    Wow this is incredibly deep and well thought out and even unique.

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    Unfortnately his defense will be something to the effect of "you can't prove a negative'. He will say the burden of proof is on us. This is a very common tactic.

    His purpose here was not to debate, or I might even say he wasn't even try to prove his point. His purpose was to simply do a "drive-by shooting" style of trying to stir things up. He did something similar in another thread about crystals.

    For there to be a debate, there has to be an exchange of ideas, and he as offered none.
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    First of all :

    Astronomy is science. it is what is in the universe which has some kind of evidence, even if there isn't actual prove - yes not al science has its proof yet but it is there.

    Astrology is spiritual (compared to Astromny) and doesn't have if hard fact evidence of proof but ..

    just like a tool...

    (isnt exactly right but only way I can explain it really)..

    soo...what you said really, isn't even doing anything, its not stateing the fact of that its all bull **** and your not even stateing that Astronomyis the same so

    exactly what you have said is me..

    null and void

    (ive heard the whole theory's and more spiritual and my boyfriend is more on the physics i know the arguments)
    if you want to try and get your point across of that astrology is bull and astronomy isnt...come up with a proper debate ..maybe?..just a suggestion

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