Astro Anonymous - 20/06/06 @ Barfly (£5)

Discussion in 'Electronic and Experimental Music' started by Astro Anonymous, Jun 2, 2006.

  1. Astro Anonymous are a five piece band from Glasgow, yet also have members originating
    from Sweden and Italy. They have been together since Autumn of 2005.
    With a few acoustic gigs under their belt, Astro Anonymous are earning
    themselves a respectable fanbase and a certain amount of credibility
    in Glasgow's underground folk scene.

    Astro Anonymous' sound is hard to pinpoint as simply folk, however,
    as the band regularly delve into the experimental side of music, as
    well as indie influences. At times, there is an upbeat, bright sound
    to their music. At others, a darker world is explored, where fusions
    of celtic rhythms, blues scales and eastern european melodies are integrated as one.

    Seeing Astro Anonymous live is also a visually uplifting experience as
    well as their songs. Their set lists have songs which include every day
    instruments such as guitars and bass, but also see the introduction of
    melodicas, clarinets and the odd slide guitar used.

    With Astro Anonymous receiving great feedback from the general public,
    venue owners and even record labels, it could be a matter of time before
    they break through and are recognised by a wider folk community

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