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Discussion in 'Health' started by cricketlind, May 3, 2007.

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    Dear brothers and sisters: I have read several posts from those suffering from this awful condition. It can be a real killer. Not to mention all the energy and joy it robs one of. I suffered for many, many long years with it. I have healed my lungs and no longer suffer from Asthma. The therapy program I used WORKS! Not just for myself but for many others who have taken the risk and just tried it. It works by clearing the lungs of all the gunky mucous that builds up in ones lungs. An asthmatics lungs look kinda like someones arteries which are clogged with plaque. Only with us its mucous that has dried into a thick yucky coating. Then the lungs fill up with more mucous on top of it. It will NOT cure you as they will eventually re-coat with said mucous. But then you just go back on the therapy to rid yourself of it. Here is the website where my good friend Cory Trusty has posted the article I wrote for her site. She is a TCM practitioner and is a very good source for advice and herbs. She helped me with a breast tumor a few years back. Here is the site address:

    Please check it out and try it. What have you got to lose but your labored breath. It has been almost 9 years to the day since I had my last attack. I was ready to sit in a wheelchair and suck oxygen to stay alive (My doctors solution) when during a meditation I got the idea for the therapy.
    I have posted the website as I do not wanna retype everything here. Once was enough. There are a few typos and it was edited for content by Cory. I am doing an updated version soon.
    Its been there since 2002 and many have found relief with it.

    Peace and Love, Cricket

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