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  1. Kether

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    I'm trying to make an image which will combine pictures of two eyes into one single eye. I want the final image to look somewhat normal, with the two eyes almost seamlessly blending into each other, but with it stil being apparent there is two eyes involved, if that makes sense.

    Kinda like this, but better[​IMG]....:

    I can get better pictures if needed(these were taken with my phone). I want it to be obvious it's two eyes that are blending together, but not have them conflict or contrast, and have all the lines, lashes and brows meet up. I'd appreciate any help that can be given, advice on programs or techniques to use, or, God willing, someone offering their own services. Thanks in advance for whatever comes of this, and screw you in advance for whatever doesn't.....[​IMG]
  2. Kether

    Kether Member

    The two original pictures:


  3. Adderall_Assasin

    Adderall_Assasin Senior Member

  4. Kether

    Kether Member

    Wow, that was quick! Thank you!

    EDIT: Well, now I'm getting somewhere! Thanks man, it still needs a bit of work for the effect I'm going for, but at least now I'm getting there! Thanks!

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