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Discussion in 'Music' started by MountainMan, May 29, 2004.

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    any of you musicians trying to make it out there got any words for those of us just begining to pick music as our path? its like all i hear is discouragement from parents and family and friends, everyone refuses to even acknowledge the plus to music, its always "youre going to have such a hard life"
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    LOOK MAN this is my ART!!!You can not stifle a Mans ART!!!.....We have a sayin in the Music BIZ dont quit your day job...hehe...I mean go for it full blast <<but!!! have a trade or a dregree to fall back on ...//1st. it has to be FUN !!,& then hey, if you make some money thats just gravy....Just say hey Im going to be gettin paid for something I would be doing at home free anyway...Allways let the music come 1st.leave the egos at the door..NEVER never give up on your dream...but get a job to support it,& buy your toys...Work hard & be honest / good things will happen to you ...PeAce/pj
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    it's ok fo a musician to have a hard life
    because music's an art of sharing . so
    really , it's sweet and nothins easy anyway .

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