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    as·pi·rate [​IMG] ( P ) Pronunciation Key ([​IMG]s[​IMG]p[​IMG]-r[​IMG]t[​IMG])
    tr.v. as·pi·rat·ed, as·pi·rat·ing, as·pi·rates
    1. Linguistics.
      1. To pronounce (a vowel or word) with the initial release of breath associated with English h, as in hurry.
    This is why the article adjective is written as a(n)... it allows the gentle reader to decide how he or she pronounces the word that follows. I try to bring my language alive without prejudice or fear.
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    I don't see where it says that you use 'an' before aspirating. Although you should know a lot about ass-pirating. I considered removing this joke but I like it too damn much.

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