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Discussion in 'Other Drugs' started by backtothelab, May 22, 2004.

  1. backtothelab

    backtothelab Senior Member

    I heard about this asian drug from a friend of my father's who goes over there alot. I forgot the name, but i think it might be Kabah. Anyways, the high is like a mix of crack, meth and pcp. I'm not planning on trying this, so don't get on me or anything, but does anyone know the name of this stuff.
  2. Eugene

    Eugene Senior Member

    Qat? maybe? it is a root, I think, that is used alot in the middle east. it has stimulatory and mild psychedellic qualities.
  3. Antimatter235

    Antimatter235 Member

    No, it's yabah. A mix of meth and crap, like crappy amph derivatives and opiate byproducts shit.
    Yes, it gets you fucken high but watch out for the side effects.

    edit: you can snort it too. But it last shorter
  4. daymuse

    daymuse Member

    ya ba...yep he's right
    Doesnt it mean crazy drug or some shit?
  5. crackforkids

    crackforkids Senior Member

    i know someone who went out of the country and they kept giving her some alcoholic drink in a cocoanut and it would hype her all up and shit, i think it had cocoa leaves in it or somethin. that yaba never came like that did it?
  6. EllisDTripp

    EllisDTripp Green Secessionist

    YaBa, Thai for "Crazy Drug".

    Methamphetamine tablets, often fruit flavored.
  7. daymuse

    daymuse Member

    Fruit flavored meth. Those kookie Thai come up with the craziest shit.
  8. mrmescal

    mrmescal Member

    Khat or cathia edulis,

  9. KarlaF

    KarlaF Member

    It's most likely to be yaba, also called ya ba, or yaa baa. It's methamphetamine mostly, sometimes with caffeine or leftovers from opiate processing mixed into it. Tends to be in coloured flavoured tablets, but sometimes crushed and snorted.

    It's probably not khat (also called quat and other similar names), which is herbal.
  10. Kitaro

    Kitaro Member

    mmmh, ya sure it's not KAVA? sorry if im wrong..:S

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