As a hippie do you believe in free love and sex?

Discussion in 'The Whiners' started by Wicked Eyes, May 12, 2004.

  1. Wicked Eyes

    Wicked Eyes Banned

    And as a teenager, as well - hippies are known for freedom in all things including sex... does this hold true for young hippies or do you guys also follow the 'wait till you're 18' law?
  2. sitareric

    sitareric Banned

    what?! no, theres no law on coitus is there? damn the man, getin us everywhere he can, sure i believe in free love, yeahhhhhhh
  3. well i didnt wait...but i a dont have casual sex i dont know....
  4. sila

    sila Member

    I don't believe in casual sex as it is a self-destructive and communally destructive act. Increased sexual activity increases the chance of STD transmission, even the use of 'protection' does not make it safe as condoms fail one out of every five times on average.

    Another problem is unwanted pregnancies which can ruin the lives of those involved including the life of the child that may be produced.
  5. Xiola

    Xiola One Lonely Seagull

    Well in the UK sex is legal at 16. Personally I think that it is resonable to wait untill then. But really its a case of when you're ready really.
    As for casual sex, its a no for me. But I know many people who feel completly differently about it.:)
  6. HappyHaHaGirl

    HappyHaHaGirl *HipForums Princess*

    I guess I used to, until I had a I'm a bit prudish about it. Since my boyfriend and I broke up, I haven't really felt like touching anyone. Not because I'm heartbroken, but because I'm tired and it's too much work.
  7. daysye

    daysye dumb as a box of hammers

    that totally sucks that there is a law saying that you have to be a certain age to have sex....what do they do check you every once in a while to see if you are still a virgin? i mean seriously, what is the punishment for the crime? i believe that it is a person choice on the issue of free sex and free love....because really isn't up to the person anyway?
  8. Peace

    Peace In complete harmony.

    freeLove all the way :)
  9. Orsino

    Orsino Member

    I prefer paying.... getting things free feels odd, yaaaaa know.

    WHEE!!!. eh, booga wooga.
  10. sila

    sila Member

    But if there were no set age think of all the younger people who are not mature or responsible enough to have sex that could potentialy destroy their lives and think of the older people that would take advantage of them knowing they can't get in trouble for it.
  11. Marlyn

    Marlyn Member

    free love, yes of course!! :p but i honestly dont think ppl should have sex...hmmm...earlier than needed? to put it easilier i would say that if you're not mature enough to look after and care for a child financially and mentally than you're not mature enough to have sex. and also its fine to pleasure each other - that doesnt mean it *has* to be intercourse :p but ya. thats how i feel :p
  12. daysye

    daysye dumb as a box of hammers

    ok but look at the people that are older and not mature or responsible enough to have sex....they could potentially destroy their lives just as easily as any other example: my mom had sex at a young age and got pregnant with my brother, would you say that she destroyed her life? that she made a mistake? that she was taken advantage of? people need to get that notion out of their head that the rest of your life will be destroyed if you have sex young.....if you were to ask my mom those questions she would have one answer for you: 'i wouldn't change anything because i was there to watch my kids grow up and help fullfil their dreams, just like they are helping me with mine.'.....meaning that she is now going to college because she wanted to make sure that we had what ever we could possibly want growing up.....
  13. sila

    sila Member

    But older people are more likely to have that maturity and responsibility and since you can't administer a maturity test on everyone an age limit is the best answer. Many studies have shown that the younger you have sex the more likely it is to affect your life in a negative manner. Unwanted pregnancies and STD's are now a bigger problem for sexually active teens than any other group.

    It does destroy many peoples lives but I never said all or even most.
  14. maryfairy

    maryfairy flower

    i think free love is beautiful. but the std's are too risky now a days. if there was a sure fire way to prevent or cure aids and the others, i would practice free love. but of course, even if you only have sex with one person, you could get an std. it's your choice. do as you please.

    I think there needs to be an age for it to be illegal to have sex with a person (if you're over 18, you can't fuck a person under 18). but having a law saying you have to be this old to have sex is dumb (no offense). i'd think everyojne would make sure to have sex when they turned that age instead of waiting for when they are ready. and all those jr. high kids who rebel to rebel would be fucking all the time.
  15. daysye

    daysye dumb as a box of hammers

    the reason for all of the unwanted STD's is because the teenagers are sleeping with older people because they think that because the other person is older that they are more responsible....and it goes to show that they are just as immature and irresponsible, or even worse off, because they think that because they are an adult that they can do what ever the damn well please.....

    i guess really what my whole point is that if they were to put an age limit on how old you have to be to have sex they might as well put one on how old you have to be before you have kids....meaning that there is no proper age....that when a person is ready they know that they are ready
  16. sila

    sila Member

    Well if people would abide by the age limit for sex there would be no need for one for having kids. MANY people have sex before they are really ready. I don't know why people would want to rush it, sex is a beautiful thing with the right person at the right time but it can be a terrible thing with the wrong person at the wrong time.
  17. daysye

    daysye dumb as a box of hammers

    but there are people that are ready to have sex but just not ready to have kids....what do you do then.....tell them that because they are old enough to have sex then they are old enough to have kids no matter what?
  18. Wiat till your 18 law? What? There's a law? Um, anyway... I believe people can do what they want. If kids want to have sex, then that's cool, you know? The only thing that bugs me is people getting an STD and spreading it around because they won't stop having sex because of "FREE LOVE!" That's not ok in my book, that's pretty shady-ass if you ask me. But I'm ok with people having massive orgies as teenagers. It's a personal choice and kids just need to decide what's best for them.
  19. What she said.

    Amen, sister!

    Really people, if your that horny GET A FUCKING VIBRATOR!! (or a porno mag if you're a guy)

    And actually, I think the sex law they're talking about is the statutory rape law so 40 year olds don't take advantage of 14 year olds. But if it's just a law saying you can't have sex, then that's just pointless because you wouldn't be able to enforce it without infringing on another's rights.
  20. dylanzeppelin

    dylanzeppelin daydream believer

    With my experience with sex, which isn't much for I only had three sexual partners since I was 15, and now being 19, I say that people really need to think about it before going all in it. It's sad that so many young people feel the need it's the only way to be accepted. Our society has really screwed up in that department because of so many young parents there are nationwide. It's hard to just stop it or prevent it, but rather free love isn't the same as say 40 years ago. Being a teenager now, you have more risks when getting involved with someone else and sometimes it's just not worth doing it altogether. Although our society is all about sex, sex sells. It's what the younger people see as cool and that causes everything to occur. Free love could never be the same as it was forever long ago, so yeah that's just my opinion.

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