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Discussion in 'Art' started by PurpByThePound, Apr 14, 2013.

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    Recently, or more in the past year, I have not painted more than once. I draw far less than "normal" which would have been nearly every day for the 4 years prior.

    It has some to do with my dropping out of school...which I think was the best decision at the time, but now it makes me question whether I should think about going back.

    If I haven't progressed my portfolio in the past year (which wasn't THAT impressive - definitely not where I want it to be), I am worried about whether I truly feel the pull of making art.

    I definitely have creative instincts, and I feel the necessity to create SOMETHING almost every day, even if that never happens.

    I wonder what other peoples' experiences are? Is this uncommon, how can I work through it. I know a lot of it has to do with my living habits; substance use and work/social lives more demanding than they have been in the past - but I question if it is more than just my life changing - should I leave 'art' behind? Or seek new realms rather than visual
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    No idea :D

    I can say for sure, that you need to try and sell shit. Thats an ego boost, and as much as most of the us on Hip hate ego - it's a good friend. It gives whatever you're doing a point, but he's fickle, because of this:

    1) "The process is the result" - there will be progress, however subtle.

    2) It never will be, because you're progressing and new doors are opening, you notice new things that you could have improved on from composition to colour scheme etc.

    It's a struggle man, creativity is a flowing liquid. It hates habits and routines, it needs somewhere to flow, routines just box it in. Outside of that, it comes in waves, and you gotta know when that happens because you've gotta be ready to ride the fuck out of it. That's what I find anyway. I drop all that important shit, and sometimes I don't even eat. Fuck social life, it'll be the same after you've fulfilled you creative need.
    But, in the past 2 weeks I think I've put a brush to canvas... twice? It's lame, just not feeling it at all.

    So I picked up a chisel and I'm carving now, and I'm loving it. The currents changed, so I'm going with them, otherwise I just sit down and fuckin' rot. Nothing gets done.

    I'm also a bit of a musician, and that's just another another medium of creativity. Like watercolours vs oils, the same thing happens.

    Basically, what I'm trying to say is... don't drop anything, just put it to one side. I can't recommend anything to pick up instead, just grab the nearest thing and play with it. Without judging, cos you'll inevitably be shit with something new, and that's always the biggest trap of trying something else out, for me anyway, cos I'm a perfectionist. It's annoying as fuck :D
    Also, go somewhere new. Take a day and fuckin just chill. Walk up a mountain and smoke the biggest doobie of your life, take a sketchpad and just scribble shit down. Write things down, draw your ideas roughly, whatever the fuck. Random scrawls, fuck what they look like. Then keep them, and every once in however long flick through your scrawls and something might just catch your eye, and then roll with it.
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    Hi, I'm new here but I saw your post and had to let you know from my own experience and what I have been told by artist friends all artists go through dry spells. I do all the time and I've sold plenty of paintings. I will paint like crazy for several months and then go for months when I don't pick up a paint brush.Why paint if you're not inspired? According to what I know you're pretty normal for an artist.
    I wouldn't worry about it the inspiration will come when you least expect


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