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Discussion in 'The Environment' started by audrakp, Mar 23, 2008.

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    Are you satisfied with how the world is changing, how people act and treat one another, how everyone has seemed to become more selfish rather than generous? I'm not, in fact I'm saddened by all of it. I see us destroying Earth because, I hate to say it, there are a number of people out there that really don't care about Earth and the fact that we're destroying it. A lot of people seem to only think about themselves and what will benefit them, working to just get through to the next day. What happened to people caring about strangers? What happened to being able to go out for a walk at night underneath the stars when all you can hear is the wind blowing amongst the trees? I understand that things change and people adapt to that change but is the change that occurred good? People are getting killed over shoes, elderly are getting abused and robbed, people are getting their identities taken away from them. How can any of this be good? And one change that I think most can agree on is that what is going on with Global Warming is no joke. We've already witnessed it this year. I'm from the Midwest, Chicagoland area, and usually between Jan. and March it's freezing cold or snowing ridiculously. This year, there have already been reports of tornados in the Midwest and it's not even the season for it. A little bizarre don't you think. Obviously, we are doing a lot of damage and more people need to understand that and take action before it's too late.

    This is just my opinion. I'm not trying to start an argument, I just need to get this out and get the point of views of others. Think about it, if enough people want a change, one that will benefit both people and Earth, isn't it worth fighting for? To me it is because I have my future to look forward to and I want my kids to be able to experience the beauty of nature and the outdoors, not parking lots and shopping malls.

    Again, any opinions about the situation would be awesome!
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    I totally want to scream from the mountain tops and roof tops what you are saying. In listening and talking to people it seems so few people want to deal with the rot evident everywhere. I can understand being overwhelmed with responsibilities and the pressure of just feeding your family. These pressures are why the working folks have to ban together against the Corporate interests and the their personal mafia our government. Our current government is unwilling to give up the money and luxury for what is good for everyone so I don't see how that can fixed.
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    Responsible consumerism is the first step. Purchase only what you need. I watched that program on National Geographic that laid out everything a person would purchase or use during their lifetime. And it was apalling. Think about the footprint you leave on Mother Earth.

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