Are there any older hippys that can help me with some history

Discussion in 'Hippies' started by sleep, Apr 7, 2007.

  1. sleep

    sleep Member

    Did president JFK help in the civil rights movement?
  2. wootier

    wootier Member

    im not old, and im not really a hippy. well maybe i am. but i would say yah, he definatley lended a hand in expanding civil rights for all americans.
  3. meteorlima

    meteorlima Member

    A little,Lyndon Johnson his V.P signed in into law.
  4. deezee

    deezee Member

    while this is absolutely true...this would have been jfk's wish had he lived. almost as important as looking at the legislation involved, is looking at the way jfk, rfk,and his extended family treated and still work for the benefit of others. there are plenty of politicians who do what's "right ' when it's expedient for them. but look at the history that this family has established in helping and bettering the lives of others in so many fields. this must have been something that was taught and encouraged in them as kids. to me, this is the true meaning of "civil rights". the legal granting of those priviledges was obviously extremely important. but setting the example of how to actually treat others was just as important!
  5. oink

    oink Member

    Like getting us into the Vietnam War?

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