Are male feet attractive?

Discussion in 'Bare It!' started by DarkStar, Jan 9, 2005.

  1. DarkStar

    DarkStar Member

    I love feet myself, but Ive never heard from girls, what they think...are male feet attractive?
  2. Barefoot-boy

    Barefoot-boy Member

    There are males that have attractive feet, my case for instance. I do get professional pedicures and have been told by the ladies that I have nice feet. Even a gal that once cut my hair said that I have cute toes.

    I'ts probably assumed that men do not have nice feet due to the fact that our gender uses feet strictly for mobility and not to "dress" them up to look sexy. Generally speaking, males have larger tarsal and metataral bones while women have smaller, more slender ones, hence the more feminine look.

    To say that all women have better looking feet is incorrect. Not all females use the same amount of beauty regimen to their feet, too bad though, as I've seen some nasty ones, especially during the summer. Thanks to women and those ill fitting shoes creates some ugly corns, and bunions that some men do not have when wearing more sensible shoes.

    Just my $0.02
  3. Boogabaah

    Boogabaah I am not here


    i just love when a man is barefoot

    i'm usually barefoot or in just socks

    and most shoes are just ugly
  4. hiro

    hiro pursue it

    I think most all men's feet are hideous but my boyfriend has cute feet to me.
  5. txbarefooter

    txbarefooter Senior Member

    some guys do have nice feet... if they are slender both feet and guy

    fat feet NO.
  6. mladen_22

    mladen_22 Member

    When I'm barefoot, I always decorate my feet - toenail polish, and toe rings. I always get positive comments from girls :)
  7. Myranya

    Myranya Slytherin Girl

    For me it really depends on whether they're strong feet or have a lot of shoe damage. Pale feet with pinched toes aren't a pretty sight, male or female, while I think strong, broad feet are definitely goodlooking. Of course I don't mean to say people who have less than pretty feet shouldn't go barefoot -if anyone needs it it's them! But the question was about attractiveness :)
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  8. bedlam

    bedlam Senior Member

    they have to have clean feet before l would look
  9. I get this comment alot: "You have nice feet, for a guy." The "for a guy" part always cracks me up.
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  10. whispers

    whispers sweet and sour

  11. peacefuljeffrey

    peacefuljeffrey Senior Member

    I've always wished my feet were more compact and attractive, but they're not bad looking. From above they look better than they do from the sides. In profile, the large joint of my big toe is bumped and I don't care for it. But what are ya gonna do?

    I think that by and large, girls' feet are WAY more attractive than guys' feet. Guys' feet do nothing for me. Girls' feet DO. :)

  12. Actually I have gotten a ton of great compliments from women on my feet, and they consistently wish that their own were as well kept and nicely cared for. (I don't have the guts to offer to do it for them).

    I think the best one I got was recently a female coworker told me "You have hypnotic feet", and "couldn't stop looking at them". She wondered how I kept them so soft and smooth looking...she said she had hobbit feet by comparison. :D
  13. I think girls' feet are prettier than guys, but I've seen Barefoot Matthew's feet in other forums and I have to say, they are hot!
  14. Thanks barefootboy. Just curious, what other forums have you seen my pictures in?
  15. paix

    paix Senior Member

    I totaly agree, strong broad feet are way sexy I think, and like a guy with dirty feet, just a thing I guess, I don't want a guy that paints himself up more than I do, but to each his own, lol.

    it's funny a friend of mine and I were just talking and decided that bearded dready boys in overalls with dirty bare feet and slightly dirty hands are the sexiest things ever, so there ya go, lol. Bare feet that have seen thier share of the forest floor are a good thing!
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  16. mladen_22

    mladen_22 Member

    why not? :)
  17. MBintheOC

    MBintheOC We're all mad here..

    Some are:D
  18. Tsaravitch

    Tsaravitch Members

    YES man can have beautiful feet. Look at Greg Sulkin's feet on WikiFeetMen. Long, squared off toes with sometime a longer second toe. Not too curvy. I have heard terms like runner's toe, athletic foot type or even jesus feet. Men can have beautiful feet. I have something short of a fetish and I am gay. The most recent studies indicate that the are that control the genitals and feet are right next to each other. People who have had the leg amputated below the knee have orgasms in the missing foot. The brain is attempting to rewire itself. I don't think it's a Freudian thing I think it's a wiring issue. I actually hate having this thing. I had an LTR with very sexy feet
  19. Kerri

    Kerri Members

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