Archangelica Seeds and Fennel Plants?

Discussion in 'Gardening' started by FireflyInTheDark, Jun 19, 2006.

  1. FireflyInTheDark

    FireflyInTheDark Sell-out with a Heart of Gold

    Hey, does anyone know where to get these two things? I guess the archangelica seeds have to be fresh, and I heard another name for them might be Don Qui, but I'm not sure.
    I've been able to find dried fennel leaves, but I need fresh stalks, seeds, and flowers.
    I have some internet links, but I was wondering if there were any stores in the Central New York area that carried them. I absolutely DETEST ordering things online... probably has to do with the fact that I am PARANOID, lol, and that most places don't ship to PO boxes...

    Thanks, all.

    PS: ALMOST FORGOT! Essential oil of lemon verbena. I need that too. Anyone have any idea?
  2. poor_old_dad

    poor_old_dad Senior Member

  3. dd3stp233

    dd3stp233 -=--=--=-

    Fennel grows wild all over the place along coast (and its not a native plant) so it should be fairly easy to grow your own. Good luck
  4. FireflyInTheDark

    FireflyInTheDark Sell-out with a Heart of Gold

    Yeah, no one sells the FRESH angelica seeds. This is my problem. I've pretty much accepted that I'm going to have to grow the angelica and the fennel, and the fennel doesn't worry me. However, I'm afraid I won't know how or when to harvest the seeds as I'm looking to prepare a cordial that calls for fresh angelica seeds.Might seem like a lot to go through for a cordial, but I've heard wonderful things about it. :p

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