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Discussion in 'The Whiners' started by peacelizard, May 28, 2004.

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    Hey. I need some help on "appreciating life". My mom came home today, and I was sitting on the porch looking sad. She asked me my problem and I said I was bored. Then she started preaching to me that I didn’t appreciate life and didn’t appreciate god cause I didn’t appreciate life.

    She said she’d been through my situation, and she didn’t have books or people to tell her it’s going to be all right.

    She then ranted that unprivileged kids would love my life of computers and MTV (my words), and I should be more appreciative. I totally agree with her with everything, but how can I stop myself from being unhappy?

    I’m not rich (lower-middle class), I sit in my house all day, there are no girls for miles of here (all around me are boys), I’m not happy with my "friends" cause they don’t appreciate me, they just use me for an arm rest, "playfully" talk about me, and try to sink me into the world of gossip and mindless thinking.

    I have some "real friends", but they live miles from here and might think I’m crazy cause they have other friends and I don’t.

    I might’ve forced this loneliness upon myself, but I only did so I can save me, my character cause they violate my views constantly.

    On first sight I might seem like a bratty teenager who complains (and I’m not saying I’m not), but I just want to be happy and appreciate life. I want to be somewhere where somebody appreciates me.

    On first sight, I might seem selfish, which I am, but I just want to be happy I want to care about someone else, but I’ve cared and cared, and the caring hasn’t been returned.

    I live in Little Rock, AR, and not far from downtown where the fine arts scene is. My dad promised me to take me to a show, but his promises fall flat cause he’s a drunk.

    My mom tries her best, but I want to stop hurting her by my constant crying. I want to be happy in some way. Religion doesn’t help cause I’m confused from all the Sunday school brainwashing I’ve received (I remember they once said other cultures don’t count, only the "culture" of Jesus do).

    I’m sorry for the length and the slight pity stories but I just need some advice. I don't want to seem like I’m asking or begging you to pity me or feel sorry for me and I don't want you to think I'm just another "poser" for just signing up just cause the compassionate "hippie" knows all, just some honest advice.
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    Recognizing that you want to appreciate life is a great beginning. Many, many people in our society get through most of their life thinking they need more money or toys.

    The ability to be happy all the time is not hard, but it takes dedication over time to get there from where you are. Each step unfolds when you are ready. Here are some thoughts that may be helpful.

    Your attitude is everything. If you think you are not happy because you need something, or need to change something, you will only chase happiness, never achieve it.

    You can't control much in the world, besides your attitude. One of the greatest sources of negative feelings, and conflict with other people, is the belief that you can control much beyond yourself.

    The universe is much bigger than you and your life. Stop focusing on yourself. People who focus on their own problems only see problems. All of mankind is insignificant on the universal level.

    Live in the here and now. Do not dwell on the past, nor have strong expectations of the future. Float along, be amused by the insanity around you. Try not to think at all.

    Accept things, don't fight them. Things around you will change.

    Remember that the manmade world we now spend most of our lives occupied with is mostly stupid and often wrong. Try to see more of nature. Spend quiet time listening to birds in the woods. Love the life around you.

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    Theres no posers, we're just humans, we are who we are... I found that i simpythed with you on this....Maybe what you are expireincing, is what the ancient egyptians called "the dark night of the soul" now it seems negative in connatation, but its just a point of realization of your being, and a point of change... The chambers within the pyramids of Giza, and most of the ancient temples in that area,(which our knowledge comes from Napoleon's interpretation of them) we're built to create a certain vibration that are now the present vibrations of the earth.... They we're built for voyaging spiritual seekers, to come and meditate under these vibrations....... :)... and thats we are, spiritual journeyers... try to look at he world in a whole new light, breathe, and heal yourself.
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    i dont know, this probly isnt much help, but i didnt appreciate life, tell I fell in Love, and then, i really had a reason to live. Also, try to meet more people, like around, just on the streets, at protests, in concerts, and get some good friends, who appreciate you as a person. You can take busses to get to lots of places. i dont know about the bus system where you live though.....
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    Your mother however well intentioned sounds like a pain. Her response is rather unsympathetic. If you life sucks it sucks, no amount of bitching about ingratitude is going to change it.

    Make a list of good things in your life to focus on. Then a list of things that could be improved, and one by one work through them. Joining an after school activity (like a sport or drama club) would be a good place to meet like minded people.

    Does your school provide consellours (sp)? If so then find a good one, they are so helpful.

    With regards religion, I went through the same thing on a smaller low key scale and jacked in Christianity (not that had exactly taken it up) check out some other religions and see if they are a comfort. The philosphy and religion forum here might be a good place to start.

    Hope that helps and you can work through this. You aren't alone.

    Good luck


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    try to apreciate beauty, whether it be in art, poetry, nature...or whatever. try to take one step at a time....accept what life is, and try and make the best/most of it
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    ya, whenever I feel like that, and feel like i'm trapped and everything is to grey for words, I go find a nice forest or field. I sit there and look in every direction and consider all the beautiful forms of life i'm viewing in that one spot...then I lay down and just dig it...take it all in...and I appreciate life.

    Or if I'm in the city I do the same thing except I sit on a step or steet corner and just dig all the beauty I bet is in everyone of the people walking by...

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