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    well i know we have a lot of sewin' maniacs in here, soooo i do indeed have a question! i learned to sew on my own and use my own patterns so now i need to figure out appliques! i got stitch witchery (thanks for the suggestion by paix) but i dont really understand how to do appliques without them looking all messy!! so any help or tips or anything would be much appreciated!

    much love-mel :)
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    Reverse Applique is a great technique. Basically you sew a patch of fabric behind your main fabric and cut through... in verious patterns along the stitched edges.... hmmm that was a bad description... lemme take some photos of ones i've done and see if it helps.
    the white top i appliqued a reverse applique onto it .... sounds confusing.
    The purple is the top layer... then under that i sewd the pink net and a dar purple. The stitching was in the peace sign pattern. Then i cut through the top layer to let the next layer show through. Then stitched the whole thing onto the top.
    The purple trousers were simpler, i tacked a square of the light purple (notice a theme?? :S ) to the inside of the trouser leg, then stitched the pattern so it was attatching the two fabrics together. Then i cut the pannels out and left the top fabric to fray (for that oh so cool effect :p)
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    I don't use stitch witchery I use "Heat and Bond" or "WonderUnder". First you cut your shape out of the fabric. Then you iron on heat and bond or wonder under to the back of your shape. Start off with something simple like a heart. Appliques come out better looking if you use stitch and tear underneath or a couple of sheets of newspaper. It helps support the applique so it doesn't get all wavy around the edge. The newspaper trick I picked up in my sewing group. The stitch and tear or newspaper goes on the wrong side of your garment. You may need to baste it on. Then set your stitch length around one. Move the stitch setting to the zig-zag stitch and slowly sew around the edge of your applique. Once you are finished get a needle and pull the thread to the back of the applique and tie it in a knot a few times.

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