Apocolyptic dream right before Tsunami

Discussion in 'Psychic' started by Maggie Sugar, Dec 30, 2004.

  1. Maggie Sugar

    Maggie Sugar Senior Member

    I had an apocolyptic dream on Christmas night. My baby and my father and I were in a hotel, somewhere warm. I was looking out the window and saw, what looked to be the sun, in the middle of the night, people were screaming "look at the light, look at the light!!!!" and running around. It occured to me that as it got bigger and bigger it was an atomic explosion. I grabbed my baby, put her head down, so the light wouldn't get her eyes and ran to my dad's room, which was somehow in the middle of the floor of the hotel. We turned on CNN (weird how your brain works, I watch CNN in my dreams?) and someone was standing in a ruined street starting to give a report and suddenly everything went dark.

    I woke up terrified. Bear thought it was just stress from Christmas. The fear in the dream was palpable. People running and screaming. We woke up and my dd's pet mouse was actually dead.

    That day we saw the reports from SE Asia. I didn't connect them at once.

    I didn't dream of water, but of a horrible catastrophy. It took me a few days to connect the two.

    All those people's souls leaving the earth at once, it is no wonder.

    Did anyone else have a preminition?
  2. Oh my gosh. I just put 2 and 2 together after reading your post. A few days before the tsunami, I had a dream that I was lying on a beach with my friends and it was like we were the only survivors after some terrible ordeal. then for some reason the number 120 shows up on my cell phone and I am in a house that is being destroyed by water and when we looked out the window all we could see was water. I woke up and told my friend that I had a weird dream about the end of the world. Oh my gosh, how weird. But it really felt like we were the only survivors and the world was ending.
  3. That dream really bothered me and I had no idea where it came from, why i would dream about something like that. It is no wonder though, as you said, with all those people's souls leaving the earth.
  4. i had a dream that once that this church in my home town was on fire and basically it got ruined and then i went there and people were just talking about this face and saying things like 'look at the face' and stuff. so anyway when i woke up i decided to go to this church and i did. anyway i was just looking around the graveyard and i walked right to the end of it to a wall and just looked over this wall at basically a huge field.

    then when i turned around i noticed a stone angel holding onto a cross and looking up into the sky towards the golf course and i just thought it looked like the angel was looking up towards something happening in the sky and holding on for its life to this cross out of fear.

    but the weidest thing, i think, is that where the angel was looking was the golf course, where i had been just a few days earlier, and when i was there i had the strangest feeling in my gut and just a sense that something was wrong

    i'll just have to wait and see what happens
  5. Maggie Sugar

    Maggie Sugar Senior Member

    Arie, I am sure most of the people in that part of the world did think it was the end of the world, and it WAS for those who lost their loved ones, especially their children.

    Any idea what the 120 meant?
  6. Maggie Sugar

    Maggie Sugar Senior Member

    I thought maybe it was Longitude or Latitude, but Long is about 90 to 100 and Lat is between 10 to 20 for SE Asia.
  7. KevinSmith

    KevinSmith Member

    Maggie, I don't think you were wrong about the longitude theory. I have had similar visions/premonitions about more to come but on the western cost of the United States, in and around the Pacific Ring of Fire. Longitude 120 degrees is EXACTLY where I have been seeing the worst of this disaster happening. If you look at the following link, you will find information telling about California's geography: http://www.netstate.com/states/geography/ca_geography.htm

    I have been doing my research and looking into other psychics' premonitions. It is like a giant jigsaw puzzle that we humans must peice together in order to avert the disaster. More and more people are having prophetic dreams, visions and feelings that something terrible or at least a large change is coming very soon.

    Please take a look at my post that I made today, I know what I've seen and I want to help as many as possible before it comes.

    I've been called crazy many times before and it will probably continue, however, this will not stop me from answering my calling. I must do EVERYTHING in my power to let others know about this.
  8. NatureFreak412

    NatureFreak412 Art of Balance

    Ive had many Apocolyptic dreams.

    The one that sticks with me is this:

    (short version)

    Huge bolts of lightening destroying entire cities. The government made people go through a portal to another planet where everything was different, the sky was purple, the trees were like pink and purple, I hated it, and so did a group of like enviromentalist, so we made a revort, went through the portal, which was destroyed right when we went through it, came back to earth, everything was calm, and nature was taking back over, and we built bamboo huts on the shore of a nearby creek. And there were people there that could heal the Earth. A good ending to a bad dream.

    The other 2 dreams also had lightening in it, I was asleep and my sister cut my hair and it woke me up(in the dream) and it was a loud bang and lightning shot across the sky and I woke up, I had that dream before that as well(both of these were before the one I mentioned earlier)

    I think mans affect on nature is going to have a big thing to do with the next cleansing, if you want to look at it that way.
  9. KevinSmith

    KevinSmith Member

    NatureFreak412, I've been trying to figure out what your dream meant, I think I may have an idea now. But only you could really find out what it means, symbols can vary depending on how the person see's them.

    I believe the dream is telling you that a very big life-altering change is about to happen in your life(possibly the life of others as well). There will be struggle in the beginning but in the end, everything will get better with persistance. This could be such a change, that people's way of life will never be the same.

    Just a possible interpretation. :)
  10. Maggie Sugar

    Maggie Sugar Senior Member

    Interesing, Kevin. On the map that I have, Longitude 120 is in the Phillipines. But if you were to ADD the lat and the long (100 plus 20) you would get her 120. Weird.
  11. NatureFreak412

    NatureFreak412 Art of Balance

    on my globe its California.

    Thanks for ur interpretation of my dream kevin. I have really wondered about it.
  12. lost in smoke

    lost in smoke Member

    hey i have had dream premonitions before about two big events, and some more localised premonitions, which have come true. in december i had a re-occuring dream about 4 times about a wave washing everything away that was around me. i had been on a surf trip in indonesia or somewhere close. i was looking through big glass french windows. can anyone relate? its quite worring when these happen! cheers
  13. Maggie Sugar

    Maggie Sugar Senior Member

    When things like this happen, and the fabric of life is so disrupted, it is not that weird that people will have preminitions and other types of knowlege about them.
  14. lost in smoke

    lost in smoke Member

    do you think its possible that the reason there were so many people dreaming about the Tsunami was because of the earths geomagnetic disturbances, leading to the earthquake? could this be the reason why i know of a number of people, including myself who had dreams on or around the 16th december?
  15. Maggie Sugar

    Maggie Sugar Senior Member

    Could very well be.

    There was a small earth quake in our area about 15 years ago, and our dogs went insane, running around in circles and barking at nothing.

    It was said that few to no animals died in the Tsunami, they seem to be able to detect the pre-forces so they can get to higher ground.
  16. Gerva

    Gerva Member

    A few days before 9/11/03 (i was in australia at the time) I dreamt about the Perth's highest skyscraper falling down likewise it did in New York and there were palestines guys throwings stones and assualting the city centre..the picture on Tv of the tower falling down linked straightaway to the dream I had a few days earlier.
  17. Meeshka Chaukinov

    Meeshka Chaukinov Senior Member

    don't you mean 9/11/01?...or is this something different?

    either way, I dreamt that I was a soldier and was shot in the leg a week before 9/11 occured. I never actually linked them until about 2 years later, but it was definitely a vivid and slightly disturbing dream. 11 days later I was visited by this entity telling me that everyone was doing ok as well...
    Also, a girl I knew died on the 7th of september, and her memorial service was scheduled to take place on that night. I know that only one of these is actually a premonitionary dream, but they do both prove that there are definitely ties when it comes to major catastrophies and the flow of life.

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