AP Syllabus

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    AP Syllabus

    Hello everyone i am glad you all have an interest in Attachment Parenting!

    First i would like you all to introduce yourselves in the INTRODUCTION thread. This will help all get to know each other better. Please tell us about yourself, family, and children. Any interest you may have and what you are interested in learning about related to Attachment Parenting.

    Personally i am a mother of 6 and have been practicing AP for just over 14 years. My oldest child is 14 and youngest just turned 4 months old. I have used attachment parenting and many of the things that go along with this. Co-sleeping, Breastfeeding, Natural childbirth, Baby wearing to name a few. I will present you with some articles on these and related subject, which we will have an open discussion. Please read at least 2 of the articles in each DISCUSSION TOPIC thread. Than post your thoughts on the that DISCUSSION TOPIC in the thread.

    I will be putting up an EXTENDED STUDY section for this course. I will be using THE BABY BOOK by William Sears as base for this. ( I understand if you can't purchase this, However it will be necessary to do the extended study portion of this course. Please check out HALF.com you can often pick this up for around 5.00) You can do the EXTENDED STUDY if you wish or just stick with the discussion topics. I wanted to design this course so you can just learn a little and get your feet wet. Or really dive in and learn much more re guarding AP. If you choose to do the EXTENDED STUDY i promise you, your family, and children will benefit from this tremendously.

    There is no time line for this course.

    Discus ion Topic threads can be done in any order that makes sense to you.

    Extended Study should be done in order of units, as each unit will build on the last.

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