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Discussion in 'Old Hippies' started by robspace2, Jun 23, 2006.

  1. robspace2

    robspace2 Banned

    Did you see the story on the news about this guy telling AOL to cancel his account and the sales guy kept asking him why ? The techi was being super stupid and pissin the guy off-Fortunately the customer taped the 20 min. conversation and the rep was fired for being a pushy arrogant sales person-I had AOL-once for a year-I never paid a cent-I did the 90 days free trial and when that ended and I wanted to quit them; they gave me another free 3 months! haha-This kept on for a year!-Then I quit them and wow-they were pissed!-serves em right-they treat their customers like crap-lousy company-
  2. Unkle_John

    Unkle_John Member

    ... But it's so easy to use! No wonder it's #1.

    what a load of crap.... it's #1 because of the microsoft deal they got to get installed on all OS that come out and saturate our mail and magazines with free trials. That and all of the idiots who use them b/c of name recognition instead of searching around for a cheaper or local ISP. Speaking of those free disks, I used them for 2-3 years on free disk after free disk. I set up a hotmail account and got all my mail through there. LOL Talk about sticking it to them.
  3. robspace2

    robspace2 Banned

    exactly=I read where they lost 1 million customers last year alone-Their dial up customers are now paying 26.00 a month-the price just went up-2 bucks-For that much or maybe a few dollars more a person can have high speed and a decent ISP with real Americans with American accents answering the phone and they can be understood--Their tech support is a joke-and if you try to quit them; it's like tryin to break up with someone-ya don't want to be rude but ya just want them to go away!---I have Quest DSL W/MSN and it costs me 32.00 a month and it super fast-the tech people are good and the whole ISP is just alot less hastle and bs then AOL--That company is goin down fast and people are jumpin ship left and right-they just charge too much for their product and the support sucks-I've been looking at Greenpeace ISP-part of the money goes to their cause; which is a cleaner Earth-good cause!
  4. dilligaf

    dilligaf Banned

    i in a rather large moment of stupidity in my twenties installed one of them freebies,,,, ,, took me a computer repair guy....a 100 bux ,,,, n several hours on the phone with the jerks at aol to rid my comp of it,,,, ... :(

    THUDLY Member

    I have free AOL-- for the last 3 years. I just call and tell them I'm out of work, and they give me a couple months more free.

    BUT!-- Don't wait till the last day-- they'll fuck up your bank account.

    Call and "cancel" at least a week before the "free" runs out.

    THUDLY has spoken!
  6. shaggie

    shaggie Senior Member

    Yeah. :) I had AOL free for about 2 years. When I still wanted it, I just kept acting stupid when I called to cancel. 'No, I never tried that feature. How does it work?' They just kept renewing it again and again. When I didn't wnat them any more, I couldn't get rid of them. Like gum on your shoe. :)


    THUDLY Member

    Shaggie, sir, I can piss off the pope. The dim-wit Indians or Phillippinos they have enslaved and brain-washed, don't stand a chance with me. I either act retarded or come on strong with invented complaints. I usually get more free months (FUCK THEM! THE INTERNET SHOULD BE FREE-- All the fuckers involved are already obscenely rich-- and I'm a George Bush Republican, capitalist, ex-business owner.) If not, not-- I'm off-line for a few weeks until I get another free disk offer in the mail or over at Wal-Mart. Who truly gives a damn?
  8. frikitikigik

    frikitikigik Member

    I haven't actually tried this but if I was still on AOL (used to be a long time ago because they had a large support forum for a favorite software package but I quit when they killed the forum for that software) and wanted to quit them, I would open a bank account somewhere, switch my billing to that bank account, tell AOL to drop me and close the bank account.
  9. robspace2

    robspace2 Banned

    Thats a fine lookin little cabin -looks coozy-the word "free" always comes with a catch-AOL-is trying every game in the book to keep customers from jumping ship-They have had the market for along time and don't feel like sharing it with anyone-If they were smart they could get everyone in the world hooked up if they would lower the price of high speed to that of dial up-If they sold the service for a flat 10 bucks a month they would corner the market-They would still make a killing with the adds and the other programs they sell-They could make it up easy-but instead they want to con people into staying with them by giving free service for awhile-bad move-just gets people mad when they get treated like a kid. Aol needs to spend money on better English speaking tech support staff and get better qualified sales people with some respect for the customer-They sound like used car sales people now-con men and women that won't take no for an answer-It's like the old Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks song-"How can I miss you when you won't go away"?
  10. salmon4me

    salmon4me Senior Member

    AOL just lowered their price to $10 for basic dial up. Only those in need of premium services need to pay the $26 or whatever the hell it is. $10 is a nice fair price for dial up IMHO.
    As for the tech staff, they are in India. AOL officially closed all US call centers on Monday 12-10-06. Of course at $10 per month the service is now more in line w/ the price (finally).
    Good points Rob. Too bad they didn't have a few people like you making the decisions over the last 10 years. Maybe their rep wouldn't be so bad now.
    Anyhow, better late than never. :)
  11. robspace2

    robspace2 Banned

    Yea-I'd love to see a high speed price war-I think 10 amonth should be all anyone gets-they get it back with all the adds-I think I pay around 35 a month now for Qwest high speed -dsl-I have MSN premium-it's good-no hype like that stupid AOL-Man-It was always sell this or that!-gets old-Besides I love giving my chump change to the richest man in the world every month-Mr. Gates really appreciates my help I'm sure! lol
  12. Maggie Sugar

    Maggie Sugar Senior Member

    AOL suckith. Never had it, never will. I'd rather go without something else, and pay for my Broadband Cable Internet, Lightening fast. It would be basically impossible to Moderate a forum like this with just dial up.
  13. robspace2

    robspace2 Banned

    AOL just got so big so fast that they got greedy-When I had it; it was a nightmare getting teck support to understand what you were saying-now my support is fast and accurate and thats a big plus.
  14. salmon4me

    salmon4me Senior Member

    It sucks, but I've never had it and never will? I don't make a habit of debating mods, but how about those who have had it throw the stones?

    BTW- all dial up is crap.
  15. salmon4me

    salmon4me Senior Member

    Agreed in regards to the greed.

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