anyone want to europe in summer 2006....

Discussion in 'Find-A-Ride' started by riverrunsthru, Jan 1, 2005.

  1. riverrunsthru

    riverrunsthru Member

    i know this is sort of way in advance, but i graduate in 2006 and i want to stretch my legs and explore the world. i don't have any plans set up or where imparticular i want to travel, just wherever the wind takes us...but i expect to either backpack or bike...and the trip to last about 2 weeks. i would love to go on the trip with a small group of people i don't hit me up if you are interested. thanks :).
  2. tablespoon

    tablespoon Member

    it's better it's "way in advance" than just "in advance" cos then u'll have more time to find somebody!
  3. ReyaSunshine

    ReyaSunshine Member

    I'm all for it, I graduate in 2006 too, so that summer would be the perfect time for me. I was going to go with the school, but it was WAY more than I could afford as a lowly waitress, and I'm not all up for the whole scheduled think...I'm more the fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants-go-wherever-the-wind-blows-me kinda chica. But yeah, pm me sometime and we can figure stuff out if your up for it.
  4. ReyaSunshine

    ReyaSunshine Member

    I forgot to mention-if you wanted to go as a group I know a couple other freespirited people who would be up for it too.
  5. Elanor

    Elanor Member

    You have to see Prague in Czech Republic. I can help you with trip in thic city. Thats really wonderful place
  6. goldmund

    goldmund Member

    If I am still around, I could show you lower Germany/Austria/Swiss on your way to from Prague. Just got back from Prague yesterday, one of the most beautiful cities on the planet. Lots of cool kids, dreads, etc. there too. The surrounding areas are still a little economically depressed.
    I am near Munich and N├╝rnberg.
  7. Maon

    Maon Member

    hey there

    I leave for Europe this June to travel rond europe for a couple of years performing travelling perorming travelling hanging out working on some art projects travelling some more etc etc etc .. visit my gallery and you will see what I am travelling in .. if you manage to get ot in 2006 and want to hook up with us to travel you are more than welcome .. all you have to do is contact me by email close to when you want to come and we will let you know where we are.

    will keep the pics coming through on the galleries just to wet your appetite .. lol .. good luck on graduating!!!I graduate at the same time as you do! .. but luckily they let me study from the road wooohooo.
  8. emilymiller

    emilymiller Member

    im definitely down. i graduate in 06 too and i desperately need to get out of this town and see the world. id love to travel with new people too and share some new experiences and create long lasting friendships. message me here or on aim or email me.

  9. peacehippy

    peacehippy Member

    Yeah, I already had plans to meet up with one of my best friends, who is going to fashion school in London next summer to backpack across Europe. So anything you decide or any further plans, feel free to pm....

    Peace to all
  10. SilverClover14

    SilverClover14 Senior Member

    I graduate then too... but I'll be staying in England with some friends for a few weeks before heading out around France and ending up in Spain. If you go to Spain and need a translator. =P
  11. Well I would love to go, especially with new people!
    I am supposed to be oging to mexico in dec, but if you'se all are 100% dead serious about this, then count me in, i'll put mexico off and just keep saving for europe.
    Anyway pm me and let me know.
  12. jamira21

    jamira21 Member

  13. FullPower

    FullPower Member

    If anyone of you are heading towards asia, it would be nice to show you around the Himalyan landscape....
  14. I'd love to get in on a trip to europe... i know a few people across the pond and i think it would make a great summer 06'. Keep the info coming. Summer aint summer without travel. Anyone interested in road tripin' the U.S.A. this summer talk to me.
  15. boog

    boog A square peg

    id like to join up for some random wandering.
    sounds mighty fun.
    I'd be coming out of the UK if anyone from these shores wanna meet up on the way out :)
  16. riverrunsthru

    riverrunsthru Member

    whoo hoo! glad to hear for all yall. that would be definitely awesome if we could all work things out and end up traveling together. :)...keep in touch.
  17. Flic

    Flic Member

    If you're all dead set on going I'd love to come, I was meant to go back packing round Europe in 03 but we ended up stuck in switzerland for two weeks, lol
  18. Raven-23

    Raven-23 Member

    This would be the coolist summer ever, but a year is a long time and I dont know whare I will be, but if I have the money I will go, just keep in tuch and make a date to go,Also I am more up for a longer trip like geting an open-ended ticket and go home when we pleaz, is there any other people like that? , can you stay in Europe for an exstened amount of time?
  19. Bonky

    Bonky Member

    man!if you really are dead serious bout this, i'm long as it's not to expensive. How much should I have?
  20. jared420sv

    jared420sv Member

    hey everybody!!!! i graduate then too, and i'm soooo down to go to europe if you are serious...we could all meet in D.C. or somewhere and head out to europe...but we HAVE to go to the Netherlands (amsterdam) me at if you're serious...please be serious!!!!

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