Anyone tried this??? Horse Killer Salvia !

Discussion in 'Salvia Divinorum' started by Deleted member 43213, Jun 9, 2006.

  1. I have seen a shop selling "Horse Killer Salvia".

    Anyone tried this strengh stuff before?

    I have tried Salvia 5X and 15X extract, but am tempted. I just wonder if it will be too much for me....

    Think I will be okay tho.. i have done lots of psychedelics before, just sounds a bit scarey !

    I am hoping someone has already tried it and can give me a report in relation to 15X Salvia ....
  2. rustwireinbrick

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    i can get you a site that sells 60x btw

    as anyone can tell you salvia varies greatly from person to person so remember your experiences wont be anywhere near as similar to another persons, some people feel nothing on amazingly strong doses like horsekiller while others go completly into other dimensions, with this said, how did you react to the 15x dose,

    if 15x seemed mild or strong, what you should do is measure your 40x dose according to what experience you desire in comparison to your 15x experience, essentially...

    if you want an experience more then twice as strong as the 15x then take the same sized dose of 40x.... whether you will experience a completly different effect of salvia when you take 40x then you did when you took 15x is unknown to me considering i do not know your tolerance and previous reactions.... this is the best info i can offer.

    if you had mild effects on the 15x instead of strong and realy dont know what to expect from 40x
    and read the different levels for the effects of salvia

    always take salvia in a peaceful environment & state of mind and never be scared of the experience, if its strong let it take you, surrender to the experience and dont fear what may happen.

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    Yes, i have a bag of that horse killer.

    I tried 10x, 15x and 20x, and could not get anywhere. So i bought some of that Horse Killer.

    I've only tried it once, and i can't say it really had much more of a halllucinogenic effect than the mild buzzes i've had from weaker extracts.

    One difference that i did notice was that i felt loads more wasted from it. Perhaps because of the other herb which it contains (lobelia?). Not nastily wasted, just like i absolutely had to lie down, and relax every muscle as much as possible (i felt very subtly like i was melting into the couch).

    There was the usual salvia effect i get - feeling giggly, a more empathic connection to music, slight tesselating visuals behind closed eyes. But no, i still didn't break through. The problem is that i felt quite knocked out for 10 minutes - very happy, but incapable of doing another bong.

    The Mrs. is away this weekend, so i shall try again.

    Good luck to you. Don't be scared of the stuff, it's not apparently much stronger. My only advise is to do it somewhere comfortable, where you are able to easily lie down (like a big couch).

    Oh and by the way, it's a pound cheaper at
  4. mellow

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    Can't get effects from even 20x?
    Are you using the proper smoking technique?
  5. theotherpath

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    Using a bong with a jet flame lighter, holding for as long as possible.

    It usually takes a lot of any type of drug to affect me though. I'm big (no, not fat!) and have been doing these things for a long time.

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