anyone here grown hindu kush or reclining buddha?

Discussion in 'Cannabis Breeding and Seed Strains' started by **PsYcHoDeLiC**, Apr 22, 2007.

  1. **PsYcHoDeLiC**

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    just two strains ive been considering growing lately...anyone know if they're suitable or manageable for a beginner?have a decent sized area so height isnt really a problem...any help would be appreciated xxx
  2. Peace_love_equality

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    I've smoked hindu kush, and i can tell u that that shit is bomb, try OG kush, thats even better.
  3. greenman82

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    ive been growing hindu kush for several years now and its the real deal from the afgani mts. a real nice short bushy indica strain super stoney. if you want the best punch out of this one grow only organic ! soil,dry firtz and liquid nutrients and always use hygrozyme. good luck !

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