Anyone Ever Deal With Canine Cancer?

Discussion in 'Pets and Animals' started by The Smiling Frog, Apr 21, 2007.

  1. Has anyone ever dealt with canine cancer? About 2 months ago my 13 year old mini schnauzer was diagnosed with anal sac carcinoma that had spread to his sub lumbar lymph node. Currently he is undergoing chemotherapy. After 2 treatments his tumor has reduced but the lymph node hasn't. This week he got another treatment with a different med, that will hopefully shrink the lymph node.

    I was just wondering if anyone had experience with this. When he goes into remmission I want to make sure it doesn't come back. I would like to find him a holistic doctor so he has the proper diet and supplments. At this point that isn't possible since we don't have enough money to pay our bills.
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    Are you cooking for him?
  3. sweetersappe

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    I meant to add the title of a book to that one. The Whole Pet Diet. I checked it out from my library. If your local library doesn't have any books on the subject, you can usually interlibrary loan items for about a dollar.
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    Our dog had cancer. By the time it was diagnosed, it was so for advanced, so we just made him comfortable until the end. (The X-rays showed that his chest area was a mess. Fluid build-up was everywhere, and his lungs were compacted.)

    He quit eating dog food, so we started feeding him people food. He hate ham, eggs, hamburger, a little bread and noodles, and whatever else seemed good for a dog. (I did a little research on what to feed him.)
  5. Well, I have been trying to feed him what he is supposed to be eating a low carb high protein diet, but since he started chemo he's really picky. He only starts to eat good again 2 weeks before his next chemo. Today if he won't eat any veggies or good food I'm just going to puree it and feed it to him with a syringe. He will eat it that way it just takes forever. Other than that he wants chicken nuggets and french fries. I exchanged the chicken nuggets for morningstar farms chik n nuggets though.

    I will try to find that book, thank you! I do think getting him to eat properly will make all the difference. He had to have his lymph node drained again yesterday so he can poop. The oncologist said his original tumor has shrunken down even more. Now if we could just get rid of that lymph node! If it doesn't shrink we'll have to consider surgery to remove it and I feel uneasy about that.
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    Yes, I deal with canine cancer as my homeopathic research hobby which helps in enhancing my overall quack experience. In fact, I am slowly writing a book on the subject of homeopathic applications in human and animal cancer with doggies as my research subjects. But, counter-viral is mostly my gig. I practice with aggression in sickly livestock -- sometimes killing them. Sick pets and people benefit from that where I'm much less experimental in nature. Generally, I kill about 18% of all the animals I try to help so far and that's probably considerably better than most homeopaths do with end-stage livestock and pets already considered "terminal".

    The site agreement said not to make any shameless plugs for my website, but you can find it among a Google search or in my profile. I am always looking for cancerous dogs and especially people who cannot afford to deviate into all sorts of "holistic" and "wellness" options for them. Ironically, the poor farmer's dog or the neglected junkyard dog are my best research cases. All these pampered pooches who have "parents" with money to burn....they're a good racket, but they make the worst clients. They don't stick out the homeopathic program. In any path, there are ups and downs and you have to adjust course. When they run to doggy yoga at the first sniffle Rover has...that does my R&D no good. Thus, I cruise the web and forums like this hunting for key dogs. There are many in the local shelters to practice upon, but they don't have loving homes and I can't run a kennel here.
  7. Sorry I really don't want my dog "practiced" on, he's my child.

    He's doing really well on the meds we have him on now. He gets chemo every 3 weeks, which is slowly shrinking the original tumor. His only problem now is the lymph node. I give him flax oil, vitamin c, a multi vitamin with antioxidants and b12 mixed with plain yogurt. Plus he gets K-9 immunity tablets, lactulose and glucosamine.
    Finally he's not so fussy eating and he's eating meat and plenty of veggies. He's back to his normal self and strong again.
  8. sweetersappe

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    I'm glad he's doing better. It sounds like you are doing all the right things.
    I also know what you mean when you say he's your "child." My dog is like a furry, slobbery kid. He complains a lot less than our human children. ;)
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    i'm sorry to hear you/dog are going through this But i do want to just point a few things out....

    I myself am a very big animal lover so what i'm going to say please don't take the wrong way.

    heres a little story.
    My aunt and uncles dog German shep 13 yr old beautiful dog went out one day to go to the bathrooom and (its a girl) so she was peing like a boy , my uncle was disturbed that his baby was sick so he called my aunt at work told her he was taking her in to the vet thats if they weren't at home when she got there and he had the across the street vet take a look at her first than went to their vet 2nd had her, (them shipped to Detroit by airplane) X'rays blood tests everything done in a 2 week span and greta the dog was shipped back to my aunt and uncle just for the dr to say i'm sory to tell you but greta has cancer just as the days went on and they went back to the vet to get a check up because of the meds etc Greta had passed away in my uncles arms.

    What i'm trying to say in this is... All the expenses, for the cancer treatments etc for just not you but everyone in general (even human being) you never know if the cancer will come back,

    The dog is most likely "doing better" but not feeling well or in pain
    You guys your self have to live for you

    Its heart wrenching i know i'm not saying this to be at harm to you at all . I had to do the same to me 2-3 years ago. I got my kittens pictures done way before i knew he had lukemia.
    I had to make a split second decision. It was like my life was ruined because the only THING in my life at the time was my Kitten. I was dating but my apt was empty.

    I competely understand where your coming from.
    * on another not with the pet food recall*
    My Grtand champion show cat got affected by it and her liver had a malfunction . She had to be put on 1 month of 2 types of antibiotics and special mdical food 100.00 a month soft and hard and thats not all she had to relearn had to walk again. Shes like a 1 yr old learning how to walk getting up on the couch to the window we help her get up she meows when she wants down she still does her tricks and she meows hen shes hungry. It took 1 month for everything,...Your doing the right thing . Go to your vet and see if they have a pt plan you can pay $ 40 dollars a month for . i'm sure theres something out there.
  10. I know that Gunny is not in pain. His cancer is on one tumor and in his lymph node. He is a baby and if he was in pain he wouldn't be jumping around like he is.

    I will find a way to pay for whatever he needs. I don't care if we spend a million dollars and he dies tomorrow, he's worth every penny.

    It's getting harder to drain his lymph node and they are getting less fluid out every time. Which means soon he won't be able to go the bathroom. So we have him set up next week for chemo and a surgery consultation. He is going to have as much of the original mass removed and the lymph node. That ought to give him a lot more time and very good quality of time. No more vet visit every week. He will still get chemo. The vet said he looks healthier everytime she sees him and there is minimal risk with the sugery. I can't put a dog to sleep that is perfectly healthy other than the fact that he can't poop.

    I live for my animals. I am nothing without them.
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    I am sending healing thoughts and prayers your way and hope that your Gunny makes a full recovery. I know he is in good hands from the descriptions you have given too! I believe dogs have the ability to interpret the very essence of our souls while they know that just having your loving care and companionship will do wonders for them which medications could never accomplish.
  12. Thank you very much. Gunny and I certainly are kindred spirits, all of my animals are.
    I do really believe that he will get better and live a long life. I certainly don't put all of my faith in the vets, but I do think this surgery is needed. After that it's up to us and Gunny to get him completely better.
  13. My dog ended up having surgery to remove his lymph node yesterday. He was in doped up pain meds yesterday and was in pain this morning. After his meds he's starting to perk up a bit and just had his lunch. The original tumor wasn't removed but the lymph node was cancerous so he at least has had some of the cancer removed. He will get getting chemo next week.
    So to any of you that are facing cancer in your loved ones all is not lost. He may die tomorrow, he may live for years. We will continue the fight as long as he stays happy.
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    I had a Bassett that was treated for cancer, and the vet told us it was likely to come back. Sadly, it did. The second time was untreatable by the time she showed any symptoms. She found her favorite spot in the yard one day and that was the end. She had 10 cancer free years....and spent them being loved and never seemed unhappy

    I had a wolf hybrid that got bit in the throat by a spider and had to have emergency surgery because his throat closed....unfortunately at 5 he died due to bloat

    My Shep mix went through a window at 9 months old and had to have surgery (almost lost her) and we have to take certain precautions now because she has "issues" but she is a happy 7 year old now

    I have spent a TON of money on my pets, and would willingly do it again. When I got my animals I took responsibilty for all their it's nice to see someone who feels the same way. I know some think you're crazy for the $$$ but when you love an animal $$$ isn't an issue.

    I am also a firm believer in holistic treatment because I have seen how well it works. It also helps that the people at a holistic clinic are understanding and kind....not saying vets aren't, but at a holistic clinic things don't feel so rushed.

    I truly wish for you and your beloved furkid to have many happy years together.
  15. Yes I do have that feeling of being rushed at the vets. There are so many animals there, it's just like a human hospital.

    Gunny still has cancer unfortunetly. Hopefully he will at some point be able to have some of the original tumor removed.

    He's been pulling at his stitches. Although that was a good thing since he was filled with fluid and we didn't know it. He had a fever and the vet put him on antibiotics. Gallons of fluid has drained out of him. It's starting to look better now. He has to be in good shape for chemo this week. I don't want him to miss it.

    The vets all tell us he has months to 3 years, they don't know. He feels great now that's what I have to think about I guess. I hope he lives to be an old man and I will do all I can to make that happen.

    Now if he can just heal his surgery wounds I can get back to work to help pay of the $1,698. credit card bill for his surgery! Plus hopefully get him to a holistic vet.

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