Anyone else find marijuana improving awareness and brain activity?

Discussion in 'Cannabis and Marijuana' started by Share the Warmth, Apr 18, 2007.

  1. I've found that since smoking for the first time a year ago, my ability to reason, analyze, and see patterns and trends in the world around me has improved. I've learned more about myself and my surroundings. I really feel that MJ has actually enabled me to better understand my own thought process and to better pick up on social cues around me. I feel like I was a less competent human being before pot, and that I've since had a profound awakening. I don't just mean I feel this when I'm high, but at all times. I feel I could never smoke again and still have GAINED something from the few times I did.

    You know I've always had an appreciation for nature since childhood but my understanding of art, society, and perhaps even love have skyrocketed.

    Has weed given anyone else such increased awareness? I used to think weed was a recreational thing but my god, it's done more good for my development as a human being than any college level course I've taken. I wish I'd smoked before college, I would have gotten so much more out of the material offered. :stunned:

    How can someone smoke weed and still be a racist or a homophobe? Does it just not effect everyone else in the same way? If that's true, I'm so thankful to have stuck with it, through the early "bad trips" which I think in hindsight were really just me getting a good 100X magnified look at my negative mental state at the time, enabling me to change my thought patterns in subtle ways to arrive at a more harmonious existence.

    Enough of that rant. Who else feels MJ has helped them come a long way?
  2. BudBill

    BudBill Dark Helmet

    Ahhh you are what you are ( sort of Popeye's saying).

    Lately, I cannot get astronomy off my mind. I rambled one night about the exsistence of nothing being something as it exsists. Further on, how can space be infinite - basically the concept of infinity. I really have to switch to cartoons :D
  3. natural philosophy

    natural philosophy bitchass sexual chocolate

    Cannabis, to me, is the best of all the entheogens because it can be so subtle. It offers perspective without the disconnect from reality like some other entheogens. It's an elightening experience for some, and for others it's just a way to escape or party or whatever. You can get a broader world view and a greater understanding of the self. Some people don't realize the benefits of cannabis when used properly. I guess it's all in the user's mindset.
  4. katmiaow

    katmiaow Member

    Absolutely. I find that it clears away the clutter that is in my mind sometimes and helps me to be more positive and to find that 'other perspective' that I have been looking for. :)
  5. The Guardian

    The Guardian Member

    Yes. I started smoking weed less than a year ago, and for the past 5 months it was an every day thing. You learn a lot about yourself and the world, and why things work the way they do. But don't do it everyday like I did. I'm quitting for a month (excluding 420 of course), but it was all worth it.
  6. philywilly

    philywilly Member

    I totally understand what you're saying... in my case I'll be really lazy, but I'll just focus on details so much more. I'll start thinking of reasons why things happen. Like how sound is produced from our vocal cords and it's like if weed gave me so much logic and I'll be able to make out things so much better. But sadly, overall it's making me fail at school(or, getting there)... it sucks that it gets you lazy, atleast in my case it does.
  7. VileKyle

    VileKyle Member

    Me and my friend were talking about this EXACT thing the other day. I know what is going on in my brain, before pot all I don't remember beaing able to think like this. Weed is awesome.
  8. ebomb

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    Dude I'm not a least bit racist, but no matter how much weed I smoke, I will never, ever respect HOMOS! They put a bad name on everyone, including me at times when girls think "he's probably gay." Before college, I have never had a problem with girl's confusing my sexual orientation & for that I will forever hate all fags.

    BTW looking at that pic above is making me crave peanut butter sooo fucking bad! Wish I had some!
  9. Marijuana got me interested in biology, but severly unmotivated to pursue it. It's a thinking, not a doing drug.
  10. katmiaow

    katmiaow Member

    when I'm in the middle of something, and don't sit down (too tempting) or something, the most mundane chores like washing dishes or putting away clothes just seems to fly by.

    Also, when I first started smoking, I would have these bursts of energy and activity. For example, I smoked one day, and had almost my whole house packed up within a few hours.
  11. dutch17

    dutch17 Member

    dude, they're just people. and someone saying that you might be gay isn't a bad thing. all you have to do is explain that you aren't. its not like they're saying you're a bad person or anything. its like if someone is chinese and someone calls them japanese, it isn't an insult, just a misunderstanding, and certainly not a reason for the chinese person to dislike japanese. get over your insecurities and realize that gay people are just that, gay PEOPLE.


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