Anyone else doin absolutely nothing more than getting high for new years.....

Discussion in 'Marijuana' started by jo_k_er_man, Dec 31, 2004.

  1. It’s a family tradition for me to celebrate New Years in a style similar to the way people in America celebrate Christmas. I went to the dinner slightly stoned, we watched the ball drop and then exchanged presents. After we welcomed the New Year I left and went to my significant others house, we hung out with two of our friends. One of my friends and I left, smoked a bowl and then returned. We chilled there a bit longer, and eventually my other friend and I left and went to my house. I had a nice time until this point, my friend was piss drunk. She really wanted to hang out with the guy she fancies so she called him and he ended up coming over. She kept me up until 7am which would have been okay, had I not had to be at work at 11am. She was so loud with her rambling and giggling, and every 2 minutes she would ask us to let her have some more liquor. Not wanting to see her puke her brains out we kept telling her she had enough. As a lot of you mentioned before I do not like alcohol either and really hate being around drunk people as well. It really brought my high down.
  2. yeah I planned to get drunk (although I don't really enjoy it) but then people were being obnoxious and drunk and fighting uncontrollably, so I left the party went to my friends house, and smoked enough bowls that we could barely see. Hippie New Years!:D

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