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Discussion in 'North and South Carolina' started by FreeBird1969, Jun 2, 2006.

  1. FreeBird1969

    FreeBird1969 Fleas on their paws.

    Please go to and sign the petition. Real estate agencies are trying to buy Bogue Inlet Pier (among many others) so that they can tear it down and build condos. It's been happening all up and down the island, but Bogue Inlet is where many of us grew up, been a family, and just enjoyed ourselves. It's sponsored by the town of Emerald Isle; even the mayor is against the sell of the pier. Please, please, PLEASE take two seconds out of ya'll's hectic day...and just put us one step closer to saving what is a historic landmark in my heart as well as in the hearts of anyone who has ever stepped foot on those sea-stained boards. Help save one last piece of serenity in this town.

    Thank you,

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